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Monday, 14 March 2011

IT'S...going to be..A GIRL!

The Beckhams have announced that Victoria is indeed pregnant with a girl,expected this summer and that they are truly pleased to finally have a little Poshette to join their posse,hoss.All gifts from Hermes please,anything from Gap will be scrutinized CSI style, although I did read that during a photo shoot for ...UK Vogue?...one of the girls on set was wearing a cashmere sweater from Gap's winter collection that Victoria liked so much that she had her assistant buy her one in every colour...so you can make an impression after all.
Now everyone is waiting with baited breath to hear what this child  could possibly be named,after all with brothers called Brooklyn,Romeo and Cruz...it is anybodies guess and it boggles the imagination. 
So here is my "guess list" please feel free to contribute yours:
Since Mama Posh is in fashion now, rather successfully I must add,maybe she will seek inspiration from....fabrics:
Organza.....Chintzia...Poplin...? I guess Seersucker would be a mouthful.
How about colours:
Chartreuse.....Siena.....(Ribena,but that is another category) Magenta!that packs a punch.
Since Victoria is extremely health conscious and watches what she eats with religious fervour,maybe there is something there:
Sushi Beckham?..huh,huh? OK... Steamed Fish would never make the cut but how about Kale Wasabi Beckham? Kind of has a regal,vegetal ring to it.
What about the designers that have influenced her :
Rolanda..(Roland Mouret)...Louboutina...Donatella....Kelly or Birkin...Birkin Beckham...NICE!
But hey,why not let rip and let any nonsense in: Melrose Beckham....Malibu Barbie Beckham....Peckham Beckham....
Whatever...it'll become known soon enough and they may just surprise us all and call her Abigail.


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