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Monday, 14 May 2012

9/20 for 20/20 (Vin sur Vin) in Nice

I love a good play on words and this seemed like the perfect place to stop and have a nice Saturday lunch outdoors "en terrace" in Nice...and the food looked good.

"Vin sur Vin" or "20/20" is on a little restaurant filled side street behind Nice Etoile mall. We liked the brasserie/wine bar feel to it and sat down.

So let's get down to business: the food by way of the service.... Let's just say that the expressionless waiter was there as a means to get our food to us ,that is all...he was the intermediary..nothing else. The bottle of water was plonked down unceremoniously,the glasses of wine (that were luckily or unluckily) not filled to the brim followed suite. Okayyyyyy.....

I ordered the Artichoke salad after seeing 2 people being served it, my BF foolishly ordered the plat du jour "Mixed Grill: veal (which he hates!) lamb (which he can just about eat) and something resembling chicken...but was too small to make a dent on the plate. Then there was a poor rendition of ratatouille and potatoes ...barely cooked. Did I mention the sauce? My poor BF (a hearty eater)was given a small plate of food that resembled nothing you'd want to eat ...no photo necessary.

My artichoke and parma ham salad with sun dried tomatoes...was a sight for sore eyes! Divine presentation and absolutely delicious!

This one dish was in "Pay it forward" mode...no sooner was it placed before me when the woman next to me reacted the way I did : " What is that?...I'll have it!"
Delicious,flavoursome and a hit. My BF, glum faced, starred at me:
"What's the matter?" I ask sweetly.
"I am watching you devouring your food..."he replies poker faced.
"I am eating my food not devouring it...you're only jealous cos yours was crap!"

When the expressionless waiter came to present us with his poker face and dessert menus we declined...his eyebrows twitched..."What about coffee then?"
Frown,eyebrow wiggle..."Just the bill please."
Needless to say we never saw him again,we had to ask 1 more time for the bill from a smiling and more cordial waitress.

No tip except : 20/20 is more a 9/20...the service let it down and their idea of a Mixed grill that was far from grilled! and far from appetising.


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