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Saturday, 28 March 2015


SKIRT: £680
JACKET: £1,990

TRAGER DELANEY.....Nuff said.

Monday, 23 March 2015


This one's dedicated to my friend Ziad...who wants a little more manly posts on Frockanrolla...

I don't know how manly this is ..but it sure got my attention:

Where to begin ?

How this handsome chap can keep a straight face! for starters....
So what are we looking at here? Bedroom attire my friends...inspired by...boxing attire? running and boxing attire?
Lord only knows...but one thing is for sure...a handsome guy comes into my boudoir dressed like this...
I jump out of the window.

Now Ziad....I promise more men fashion and hopefully something that might appeal to you...but we do love our tongue in cheek moments too.

PS: Beards are in Big time...the groomed,trimmed variety and not the straggly ZZ Top ..

                                         xoxo Frockanrolla

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Alexander McQueen...at the V&A

SAVAGE BEAUTY is at the V&A as of the 14th March...in case you didn't already know. And if you want to plan to see it when next in London...you have until the: 2 August 2015.

I strongly advise you to book in advance and I want you to take it all in...yes! It is a monumental task but well worth it even if you come out feeling off kilter...as I did when I saw this incredible and sometimes disturbing exhibition at the Met in New York.
See post:

This exhibition will take you from his postgraduate Central Saint Martins collection in 1992 to his A/W 2010 collection which remained unfinished at the time of his death.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Step back in time at The Beaumont Hotel and Colony Grill

The Beaumont hotel has opened in the heart of Mayfair ,in the old Avis rent a car facilities...its understated chic and testament to an Art Deco era is enough to make you want to see it in all its splendour...that and the Antony Gormley feature on it's spotless facade...

....kinda looks like "The Thing" from the Marvel Comics "Fantastic Four" all juxtaposed edges and rather boxy...like a Lego project.

I digress...once through the revolving doors..you are literally stepping back into an era of elegance and sophistication, of well dressed and civilised people with impeccable manners,diction and style. No vulgarity in sight, nor selfies or Kim K...in fact you are dissuaded from taking any flash photography that might disturb your fellow patrons.
Guess Kim K will have to stay elsewhere....

The Colony Grill is just passed the beautiful bar where you can eat from a "bar menu" as for the Grill,it isn't big but the decor is a show stopper. The service is impeccable, the staff beautifully attired that you almost feel like you are slumming it in your £200 jeans, Louis Vuitton trainers and Chanel handbag. 

On to the menu: you have a varied selection of American favourites as well as bistrot style dishes. I opted for the Colony Salad...as in The Big Salad...which I will always attribute to an episode of Seinfeld and George Costanza.

The salad was good...not Amazing! but good and just the right amount of nourishment in order to have dessert and try:

The Red Velvet cake....

And it was worth the sacrifice! Simply moist and deliciously divine.

It is the right place in the right area for lunch when you are out and about shopping in the Oxford Street , South Molten street area.

Monday, 16 March 2015


My brother in law needed to buy some new trainers...more for walking or as Nike refers to it: "Live" (as opposed to Run....)

Simple no? No!

No sizes,bad service...left waiting and then the dreaded:

Trendy Trainer....(seen at Selfridges menswear dept):

I give you: "Exhibit no. 1"

....The Trainer that swallowed 2 of its friends....or The Trainer Club Sandwich, if you will...

Not to be out done by:" Exhibit no.2 "

....The" Croc' Monsieur" Trainer....(explanation self evident in the photo below...)

Just what you were looking for,heh? ... A visor for your trainer in case of too much glare ...that superb strap that will give your trainers a certain: "je ne sais Croc' "...

 ...So what did the Bro'in Law choose?

Ta- Dahhhh !

 Nike with a flourish ! A subtle sprinkling of polka dots on a sophisticated grey background and a striking flourish of pink . Enough to be "fashion savvy" without looking like a "fashion wanna be"...

As for me...well I shall sign off with my latest...a gorgeous Bday gift from my Sis and her Hubbie:


Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Surprised, right?!

I am too but all designers can be coaxed over to the "denim side" at one point or another...
See for yourselves.

Way back when, I went to his shows and even backstage where I was as close as close can be to the slight and demure designer with his trademark pearl necklace...so obviously it comes as a surprise when the designer who "doesn't do dress down"...is collaborating with :

"7 For All Mankind" ....for a capsule denim meets couture collection.

Expect animal print (see above) skinny jeans (yes...above) and tailored tops....(erm...above?)

I love his flamboyance but this collection isn't for me...but it could be for you, No?

Monday, 2 March 2015

For the Love of Gucci

What's Not to love?!

Military jacket: Tick
Jeans: Tick Tick
Scarf print top: Tick....(Kim K. will be busting out of this one soon in a magazine near you)
Gorgeous 70s style handbag: BIG FAT TICK
...and those snakeskin boots!...LOVE!

If you can't afford the real thing.....ZARA has done some pretty amazing approximations of this look...Saw it with my own two...