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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Mission Impossible....

*courtesy of Chanel.com*
These were the mission and Yes!.. it was nigh on impossible...until my friend Stephane (now my inside man in Chanel ) rang me yesterday:

"We have just received a few espadrilles!...and as I know how much you wanted a pair..."

My sister lives in Monaco...and as leaving the office for shopping is not high on her daily to do list...she decided to call her "local Chanel"....on the off chance.

"Bonjour!"...my sister.

"Oui, bonjour"... sales assistant.

" Can you put me through to the shoe department please..."

"And may I ask why?"....sales assistant with high "snoot factor" .

" Well....(sister taking a relaxing breath...) I was told that Chanel in Cannes has just received some espadrilles and as I am not in the position to drive all the way there and back....(another deep, cleansing breath)...I was wondering whether you may have received a shipment too...?"

"Oh! I can't possibly discuss this with you over the phone, Madame....as you can well imagine, these are extremely popular and would require for you to come to the shop to find out in person."

My sister in her head: "...Oh pardon me! I had no idea that this is such sensitive material....!!! Are we being bugged by the Fashion Police?"
Or: ..." Good Lord, please excuse me...I didn't realise that I've just dialled the Oval Office...."

Lesson du jour :
Shop in Chanel, Cannes :there are some good, decent people there, some of whom I happen to know well.
If you are up for the challenge, need to get rid of some frustration and can do with a dose of verbal sparring: Chanel, Monaco it is...Go show them who's boss!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Ancient Greek Sandals: give you Wings!

My Ancient Greek Sandals have arrived !!...After a one month "well worth the wait"...for them to be handmade made, naturally.

After having seen them in GRAZIA magazine....I went after them like a heat seeking missile...

Once on their website, which is not only gorgeous but very user friendly: I was happy to see that the above sandal came in a shorter version...less climbing vine and more lawn length...
Which was a wonderful surprise and  a much better option for "vertically challenged " me! As well as in a selection of colour variations.

So without further ado, let me give you the skinny on this wonderful design duo and their "dreamy" product:

Ancient Greek Sandals were awarded the : Stelios Award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Greece 2014.

They are all about tradition meets myths, Goddesses and Gods...with a high end faultless finish. Each product is named after a Greek God or Goddess , a muse or a myth.

They are not about following trends and beat their own design drums....Ancient Greek Sandals was created when there was a hole in the market. They stepped in and simply made magic happen....immediately.

Just go to their website and see, everything is perfectly taken care of...the proof is in my pudding...the finished product even smells of quality.

Recommend it? Highly...in fact you must invest in a pair of Ancient Greek Sandals.

What is their guarantee? That the product will age beautifully, that the leather will gain a gorgeous patina and furthermore....they will fit and feel better the more you wear them.

Come on! Who doesn't want a little piece of Athena, Diana or Zeus...?
The wings are in the buckle... Who needs Redbull?!

Emotional or Vandalised Baggage ?

In the handbag dept. in Harvey Nichols, London my heart lurched and my stomach sank when I saw this very sight:

" WTF....!?" I exclaimed , horrified by the sight before me. My sister couldn't agree with me more...Who on earth would want to disfigure these emblems....Nay! objects of fashion status !

This is more than an "emotional outburst"... I see this as self mutilation: you are mutilating yourself by carrying such a disfigured iconic fashion accessory.

So who ? and Why?...are the following questions..

These bags are part of a collection of vintage handbags designed by Claudia Ricco : founder of luxury online retailer "Rewind Vintage" and hand painted by Palestinian artist Janan Shihadeh. Each handbag is numbered and part of a limited one off collection:

"...the UK exclusive collection celebrates the relationship between art and fashion, aiming to teach consumers how to carry their emotional baggage in style and with a hint of humour."

I am all for whimsy... Hell! This blog is wall to wall whimsy and humour but these poor innocent Chanel  handbags didn't deserve  this kind of treatment. The Louis Vuitton Speedy either for that matter but I rank it bottom of the designer handbag chain...

You have to ask yourself ;who would be foolish enough to throw money away on such a travesty?

Then I remember reading about Kim K and her Hermes Birkin hand painted by her daughter: North West.....

I rest my case.
There is obviously someone out there who has bags a plenty and wouldn't bat an eyelid to what I can only refer to "vandalism" of a much sought after handbag.

I would also call it a " darn shame"....

 But then I saw this one on the "Rewind Vintage" website:

.....and all is now right in this crazy world...
I actually believe that this enhances the Louis Vuitton Epi leather Speedy....(never liked Epi leather.....)

All is forgiven.

Monday, 13 April 2015

In Flight Entertainment...

On my last trip to London I was seated in BA club Europe and Mrs. Abdul.R... was seated by the window.
She had fallen asleep on take off and remained out for the count when the drinks trolley came clanking my way. The stewardess opted out of waking her and I proceeded to order a Merlot and a glass of water. I was given my packet of nuts which I proceeded to tear open only to find my row companion coming out of her stupor.
We called the stewardess and Mrs. Abdul.R...ordered:

"I want some red wine...not too heavy" she asked quietly.
" Sorry Madame?"
" She wants red wine that is not too heavy"...I piped in  just wanting to get started on my wine in peace and quiet and not be talked over.

"If you don't like it I can give you the same as Madams..."meaning me.

Wine exchanged hands and the stewardess sashayed away.

By that time I was intrigued by this well mannered Nigerian woman ....she sipped, she made a "hum" sort of face and then looked towards my wine.

I tested the waters to see what her reaction would be if I said:

"How is it? Would you like to taste mine?" ....
"Yes!".... She said and passed over her plastic wine goblet without a care in the world as though it was a given.

I guess what is: "Wine is also hers"....

Hilarious I love it.

Thursday, 9 April 2015


 Now we are playing in the BIG LEAGUES....

There is no other for the ultimate: head to toe glamour than : Chanel.

I dare you to name another.....

Here is Kiera looking phenomenal....

I am in "sautoir" heaven when I look at this...that necklace is the business!


Well, in fairness they are a bit of both....no man really likes them but we simply must have them. And who are we seriously dressing for at the end of the day? If we left it up to the men folk...we would be bound in Herve Leger and prancing around on stilletos like a Show horse.

Long story short:They are  this season's "must have" item and I love em!

So here I have found 2 very different looks:

So here we have the "on trend" look/street vibe:
Polyester mix dress and culottes :by Noir Kei Ninomiya at Dover Street Market.

And this is chic personified:

Polyester mix jacket and culottes by Kenzo
Leather shoes by Michael Kors

So where does that leave you?
Are you going to embrace the Culottes Culture?
Come on! Jump on the Bandwagon.

Sunday, 5 April 2015


I completely like this look.....But:
What does it say behind her shirt?



 Erm...isn't her top in suede?....

I'm being petty...
It's Chanel,we love it! ...We want it...! The over the shoulder  tweed bag is a "Meh"... but if that turns up in a gift bag outside my front door I would welcome it with open arms....and learn to love it.

So here are the painful details:
Suede shirt:£5,385
Suede trousers:£3,995
Shoes: £680
Tweed bag: £3,320