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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

BEAST: a Restaurant for Fearless Eaters

My friend Rula suggested we meet for dinner at a restaurant someone told her about...conveniently called:

BEAST....strange as that may seem you will be greeted by a HUGE bear sculpture at the entrance....hmmm.

The reception is bare other than the bear....and you get a upmarket downtown gallery vibe...until you step out of the lift and into Hogwarts dining hall.

It is truly gorgeous.... with candlelight flickering from the communal table candelabras and from the multitudes suspended above your head.

It is rowdy and welcoming and you expect Dumbledore to make his speech and whip out the sorting hats...instead we got a waitress who had to give us a rather long monologue on how to order, how to eat what we order ...and all in that order!

This is a meat eaters paradise and Norwegian King crab heaven....and the portions are HUGE!...hence BEAST and BEAR!

Rula and I switched off mid speech and Rula...disregarding all that was said, looks up at the waitress and says:

"I want a small filet...."...this after the waitress gave us strict instructions and weight guidelines: 500grms here, a ton there....

My sister and Rula's husband went for the massive crab legs that could easily feed a family of four and we shared ...as is suggested...the side orders that were all delicious.

You can't be thrifty and go for dinner at Beast...it is a relatively expensive establishment with a wine list not for the faint of heart.

Did we enjoy the food: absolutely! It is good fun and well worth seeing.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Be Careful Not to PREFALL....

...a little play on words urging you to beware....

PREFALL...is on it's way....

...and I haven't even cracked open my bathing suit drawer....PSHHHHH.

So as the French like to say:

"Pour le plaisir des yeux.../ Let your eyes enjoy..."

This gorgeous ensemble is by EMPORIO ARMANI

And the stunning boots: TABITHA SIMMONS

There...you've been forewarned...before you have even made a dent in your summer wardrobe...Fall is slinking in.