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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Lewis HAM-ilton.....

What a "Ham"...that Lewis...always wanting to be the centre of attention and now he thinks of himself as some sort of fashion connoisseur....


Lewis is following the school of the more the better and by that I mean "styles"...

Check it out ...once again courtesy of "Heat" magazine.

So here we have a multiple personality disorder at it's schizophrenic best....

"I wanna be Pharrell....No! Will-I-Am...Maybe Not...How about Crocodile Dundee?...no no no. Bear Grylls??? 

" I wanna be likedddd...boo hooooooo! Why doesn't anybody like meeeee?!

The final nail of his fashion coffin was appearing at Wimbledon ..only to be turned away . He turned up at the Royal Box looking like..."Yeah!"...only to be turned away when he refused to put on the required jacket and tie.

Obviously the Etro shirt (look pictured above on the right hand side)...did nothing to impress the stewards .

Frankly..there is absolutely nothing that impresses me about Mr. Hamilton and least of all his dress sense and common etiquette.

Verdict: ZZZZZzzzzz.


.....The lovely Jane Birkin has asked Hermes to remove her name from the Birkin Croco bag after seeing a PETA expose on the cruel way alligators and crocodiles are slaughtered in order to make the luxury handbags that retail at $300,00 !

Hermes has not issued a comment.

On a lighter note:

Thanks to a moment of relaxation with my guilty pleasure: "Heat "magazine ..I came across this....let me give it my own title:

                                                  " It's KRIS-MISS Time!!"....

Take a look for yourselves...and be your own judge ...cos the jury is out on this one!!!

1] Either cleavage or legs: a rule of thumb..otherwise you come off looking like someone from a Reality TV show....Oh, wait! She's in one.

2] Pyjama party anyone? Despite the acidic Hermes...this whole ensemble screams daycare center...

3] Why Valentino had to come up with this headache of a camouflage collection is beyond me...I guess for the likes of Momma Kris. Where to start? To camouflage is to melt into the background....this is a far cry from that.

1] Once you have taken it all in....what is the one thing that stands out? Those open toed, over the knee boots!...Any footwear that takes a sentence to describe, should be immediately dispensed with. ....Kris looks like a potted plant.

2] Micheal Jackson is ALIVE and well.... and channelled through Kris. She really does live in Neverland....

Age appropriate dressing shouldn't mean "mumsey" but this maelstrom of nightmarish outfits is more freakshow than reality show.

I need to wash my eyes out.

Sunday, 26 July 2015


I have a soft spot for Pharrell as a musician, singer, leader of trends and fashion template.

I know he has a "penchant" for wearing a Chanel " sautoir"...and he wears it well, dare I say with a certain "insouciance" and "panache". In fact while here... as in Cannes...during the Film Festival and before his concert at The Sporting in Monaco...Pharrell was spotted in the Chanel boutique on the Croisette with his wife...certainly doing a spot of shopping.

So I really shouldn't be surprised that he has been chosen to feature with Cara Delavigne in this Fall-Winter 2015 ad campaign....

First thought:" Cara...lovely as usual....aH! Pharrell....yes....trousers very un-Chanel like...and more Maharishi circa late 90s....Wow! He can wear a thick cable knit sweater under that gorgeous coat...if I tried that, I'd look like Moby Dick...."

Followed by:

"...YAOWZER!...Them hills are alive with the sound of Pharrell in lederhosen!!!!....YIKES! ..those boots...that Fraulein cardi...No! No! Noooooooo"...I am blinddddd...."

If he collaborates with Daft Punk on a new rendition of "Edelweiss"...I'm outta here!

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen....Goodbyeeeeee

Thursday, 16 July 2015


This woman has singlehandedly turned the President of The United States...to mush....I mean.. Olivia Pope has....in "Scandal"...of course.

She can problem solve in a click of her Prada heeled shoe and has made "white... the new black".... This woman rocks! And yet...the show is so ridiculously implausible and far fetched...YET... still we watch , eyes glued to our screens.

This show makes "House of Cards" almost look tedious and gives us more interior scenes of The White House  than it's far more serious counterpart. I mean seriously....Why do Frank Underwood and Claire only use 3 rooms in the entire White House, huh?... the Oval Office, Clare's bedroom and that "sitting room" in the landing...?...That's all we ever see!!!!

So Olivia Pope/ Kerry Washington : with her pout and the ungainly way she guzzles wine ...that would make and Frenchman or woman gasp with shock... has our attention even when we want to tear ourselves away...and by Jingo! I have tried...

I...JUST...CAN'T ...DO...IT!!!!


Here just for you...and you....and you!!

A little pick me up to help us face the day ahead...

The face of Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue....and Ambassador for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home...can we love him any more?!


Once more for all you late arrivals:

Yep !! Still looking good.

Onwards with our day!

Monday, 13 July 2015

SELF PORTRAIT...a labour and label of love.

It has been a while since my head has been turned around by a collection and it was amazingly so, on my last trip to London .

We were in Selfridges... which in my eyes is the No.1 department store for trends and new designers all housed in a vibrant setting that induces the need to shop....and as I walked away from Philip Lim...or was it Alexander Wang...I get those 2 mixed up...my eyes alighted on these riveting beauties....

Lo and behold.....

SELF PORTRAIT:....feast your eyes....

I got goose bumps in their presence...that is when I knew I was in front of excellence. Am I going overboard and overdoing the gushing?
Hell! No...Let me get to the best part....these gorgeous dresses are so affordable it is mental!

Anywhere between:£200-£320....I kid you not.

So who is this wunderkind?
Malaysian born, Central Saint Martins trained: Han Chong...who decided to bridge that unthinkable market between High Street and designer...and he pulls it off. I could barely get myself to touch these dresses..they oozed pricey and chic and magnificence...that a hand that had just touched items from Whistles...should promptly be sanitised. Then I saw the price tag and thought I had crossed over into the Twilight zone until a fellow shopper who was beside me marvelling at these magnificent creations looked up at me and nodded...

Well, needless to say that the A-listers are enamoured and that the collection has sold out on Net-a-Porter within 3 days of it getting listed...and Selfridges has them flying off the rails at about 100 a week since it hit the floor in August 2014.

Have I convinced you to get a Self Portrait?...Lord I hope so...just don't all rush there at once!

NB. A shout out to the lovely Emilia Bechrakis...(what are the odds she will read this)...these dresses are made for you!

Wednesday, 8 July 2015