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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Bend it Like... Aziz Bekkaoui

Just when you thought that it was safe to come out of Keffiyah hiding...I found you another exciting designer who: Bends it like Bekkaoui....and transforms it entirely into high fashion.

So pray tell, who is this magician?

Aziz Bekkaoui is based in Amsterdam and...also happens to be friends with BySoufyan.

Taking one look at him,I draw on a similarity so blinding ...I am sure you share it with me:
John GALLIANO circa ....days of yore after graduating from Central Saint Martins.

He is every bit as theatrical, embracing different looks that will poke and prod at you ..he has won awards and seems to be blowing the lids off of different fashion staples by doing High Fashion his way and commanding "those" prices!

So for Fall/Winter 2015-16...he has re styled the humble and most worn fashion item: the keffiyeh ( bar the leopard print).. into something ...dare I say it:
Avant Garde!

You can be your own judge of that:

Loathe it or Love it...it is creative....sort of Yohji meets Bekkaoui on the Gaza Strip.

If you are intrigued check out his website:http://www.azizbekkaoui.com/collections

If not....here's to moving along.