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Friday, 20 February 2015

What Kanye West does Best?....

Here is the final line up of Kanye Wests debut collection for ADIDAS:

Yes I did say ADIDAS and not WOLFORD....

So...your verdict?...I'll give you mine:

Now here is how the Fashion elite have branded it:
..."a joke " and " a disaster"...I would like to add: train wreck.... in slow motion!

The self professed genius has simply not delivered and his only fan aka his muse Kim K ..will be caught dead wearing his combination of tights, underwear and too tight sportsbra...
I do the like the Camouflage bomber/parka...
See! There is light at the end of the dark tunnel that is Kanye's fashion foray.

...and Anna Wintour had to sit next to a braying baby, North who kicked up a tantrum
if she could weather that storm, Kanye's collection was a doddle.

...I like the erm....colour!? And the sheepskin coat looks cosy....

Enough said, he obviously has the "cojones" to sabotage Taylor Swifts/Beck's moment of glory during MTV music awards due to his inflated ego....then surely he has no problem standing by this collection. 

Problem is...will ADIDAS?