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Monday, 16 March 2015


My brother in law needed to buy some new trainers...more for walking or as Nike refers to it: "Live" (as opposed to Run....)

Simple no? No!

No sizes,bad service...left waiting and then the dreaded:

Trendy Trainer....(seen at Selfridges menswear dept):

I give you: "Exhibit no. 1"

....The Trainer that swallowed 2 of its friends....or The Trainer Club Sandwich, if you will...

Not to be out done by:" Exhibit no.2 "

....The" Croc' Monsieur" Trainer....(explanation self evident in the photo below...)

Just what you were looking for,heh? ... A visor for your trainer in case of too much glare ...that superb strap that will give your trainers a certain: "je ne sais Croc' "...

 ...So what did the Bro'in Law choose?

Ta- Dahhhh !

 Nike with a flourish ! A subtle sprinkling of polka dots on a sophisticated grey background and a striking flourish of pink . Enough to be "fashion savvy" without looking like a "fashion wanna be"...

As for me...well I shall sign off with my latest...a gorgeous Bday gift from my Sis and her Hubbie: