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Monday, 23 March 2015


This one's dedicated to my friend Ziad...who wants a little more manly posts on Frockanrolla...

I don't know how manly this is ..but it sure got my attention:

Where to begin ?

How this handsome chap can keep a straight face! for starters....
So what are we looking at here? Bedroom attire my friends...inspired by...boxing attire? running and boxing attire?
Lord only knows...but one thing is for sure...a handsome guy comes into my boudoir dressed like this...
I jump out of the window.

Now Ziad....I promise more men fashion and hopefully something that might appeal to you...but we do love our tongue in cheek moments too.

PS: Beards are in Big time...the groomed,trimmed variety and not the straggly ZZ Top ..

                                         xoxo Frockanrolla