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Monday, 13 April 2015

In Flight Entertainment...

On my last trip to London I was seated in BA club Europe and Mrs. Abdul.R... was seated by the window.
She had fallen asleep on take off and remained out for the count when the drinks trolley came clanking my way. The stewardess opted out of waking her and I proceeded to order a Merlot and a glass of water. I was given my packet of nuts which I proceeded to tear open only to find my row companion coming out of her stupor.
We called the stewardess and Mrs. Abdul.R...ordered:

"I want some red wine...not too heavy" she asked quietly.
" Sorry Madame?"
" She wants red wine that is not too heavy"...I piped in  just wanting to get started on my wine in peace and quiet and not be talked over.

"If you don't like it I can give you the same as Madams..."meaning me.

Wine exchanged hands and the stewardess sashayed away.

By that time I was intrigued by this well mannered Nigerian woman ....she sipped, she made a "hum" sort of face and then looked towards my wine.

I tested the waters to see what her reaction would be if I said:

"How is it? Would you like to taste mine?" ....
"Yes!".... She said and passed over her plastic wine goblet without a care in the world as though it was a given.

I guess what is: "Wine is also hers"....

Hilarious I love it.