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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Covert in Chanel

The Chanel espadrilles are like the Holy Grail....everyone lusts after them, covet them  from near and far and yet...many can't get their bloody hands on them!

Selfridges, London (last Saturday...around late morning):

I am waltzing around the shoe dept. while my sister makes a bee-line for Chanel: ..."just to check..."

"PssssT...." says my sister while waving me over.

I release a pair of Isabel Marant sandals I have also been coveting but find wayyyyy too expensive and head on over to Chanel and my sister.

" Look she whispers"...(cos when espadrilles are involved you gotta whisper ...they are like fairies or unicorns...and can disappear in a blink of an eye.).." see that girl is trying on a pair!"

So we amble on over, all easy breezy and I glance over my shoulder..nice and subtle like and sure enough a young girl is trying on a pair...but not one I am overly excited about.

"I don't like them" I reply as we finish casing the joint.
"Yeah! Me neither " replies my sister.
As we are about to move along , a couple are there on the cusp of approaching the salesgirl who has snapped the shoebox closed as though it was Pandora's box.
The lady asks about the espadrilles....

" Look! She is asking about them too!"....but the  shaking of the salesgirl's head is enough to move the couple along.

"Oh for God's sake ! Let's ask!"...I say to my sister.

"Excuse me..."

The sales girl looks startled and wants to flee , shoe box in hand...


"Do you have any other espadrilles available?" we ask.

"Only these" she says looking around in order not to create a scene. "Which ones are you looking for?"

"The classic ones with the toe caps" we reply in semi tandem.

"Oh , they didn't make them this season" she replies with aplomb and blind certitude.

"Funny!...There were a few available in Cannes a few days ago..." replies my sister, deadpan.

"Lucky Cannes!" she retorts as though we were questioning her in front of a judge and jury.

"Well, thank you, anyway" we smile and walk away from her and the need for these elusive espadrilles from Chanel.

Now let me get back to those Isabel Marants....

It's all about That Face!...

Lindsey Wixson gives you face...in fact she gives Great face!

And she is the face of Fendi sunglasses summer 2015:

As well as other parts of her body for Fendi's Spring- Summer 2015 collection:

I am enthralled with this season's new look sunglasses that are a little "out there" and deliciously daring:

Here are my next favourite pair from Miu Miu:

Now these have some serious street cred appeal.

Which do you prefer?