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Thursday, 14 May 2015


....& let the festivities begin.
And it has...the traffic is appalling, people are gawking and stopping at a hair's breath in front of you to point at Lord only knows what...but point they must...and gawk...

People have set up their seats and ladders and whatnot 2 days before the official opening of the Cannes festival in order to get a photo, a selfie with a known film star...and blown kiss...a peek of spanx underwear...anything goes.

So here goes:

Charlize and her gorgeous legs...and this Valentino dress:

Is the photo BIG enough for you? Hmmmmm?...cos here goes:

What an ugly dress for such a beautiful woman...in fact I doubt this dress will look good on any woman.

Seriously, I know that fringes are in...but this looks like the fringes on a palm parasol on a beach in Saint Tropez...you know the ones I mean.  Then I take offence with those "lacy" type bands around her body, followed by the tutu polka netting at her throat.. the bow....no no no no NO!

(DEEP SIGH.....)

Someone please say it for me: Charlize! Get thee to another stylist!

The only thing that looks good are her legs, her head and her smile....

The poor girl is only 39 years old!...this makes her look old and like Josephine Baker...