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Monday, 3 August 2015

What's Up, Doc' ?

If Jessica Rabbit had a weekend wardrobe away from the glitz and the glamour, she would nimbly be "hot to trottin'" in a pair of Minna Parikka "bunny ear" shoes.

Yes.... you heard me correctly...Marc Jacobs has the "mouse" pump, Charlotte Olympia has the "cat"...it only stands to reason that someone would use "bunny ears" in the same vein.
And Helsinki based Minna's fun footwear has (unbelievably) been around for a decade...but it was when she transposed the signature bunny years to her high top sneakers, did things take off with her celebrity followers: Taylor Swift, Cara Delavigne..

Enough chatting...here they are:

High tops retail at : £172
Ballet pumps at: £137

Bunny Hop, anyone?