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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Now We're Talking Fashion....

Nicolas Ghesquiere took the biker jacket to a whole new level for Louis Vuitton this season.
This coat epitomises the meaning of a true visionary ....and this coat is a vision in all its splendour.

Leather coat £5,300

Dior: this is part of Raf Simons final collection for this fashion house and it can be said , he is going out with a BANG!

This fresh and smart collection makes Spring feel edgy, layered and yet light. And those shoes have my name written all over them....

Wool sweater: £930
Cotton dress: £1,750
Patent leather shoes: £850

So grunge and oversized is back....and at the forefront of Hedi Slimane's collection for Saint Laurent...I like this look myself  and am always happy for it's revival.

Mohair sweater : £780
"Faux-georgette" dress : £3,135

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

To Have and To Have Not!

To HAVE.....

Louis Vuitton Pleated bag £1,200 ....(forgedabout the loafers.....)

To HAVE NOT !......

Chanel: .....(Ugh....I simply cannot put in words the description of these so called "sandals"....)
Orthopaedic...Geriatric.... £471....

I would rather buy a pair of Yeezy's...and I have very strong feelings about those!

Let's call it a day.