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Thursday, 26 August 2010


This is bloody typical , just as my trip to London is both sorted and imminent , it still manages to fall short of a major event unfolding at Liberty of London on the 8th of September 2010.
The shoe master Manolo "i want me another pair" Blahnik is collaborating with Liberty and has created a limited edition collection of shoes designed especially for this department store  using their eponymous fabric . There will also be speciality items  such as  gorgeous "shoe print" scarves , candles and more.
Now if a pair of shoes is a little out of your range  don't despair ...there are also cushions , shoehorns and ...now this may sound as weird to you as it did to me but here goes anyway : Christmas decorations. If anyone cares to decorate my tree with a yuletide pair of Manolo's , who needs gifts !  That'll be a 39.5 , thank you very much.
Obviously a MB candle wafting scent around your living room just won't cut it when you would rather be strutting your stuff in a pair of  limited edition  Manolos...But , hey! Beggars can't be choosers and you really can choose something else that bares the designer's signature .
There will  be an exhibition of Mr Blahnik's work for all die hard fans and he will also be overseeing the window displays that will lead us up to the holiday season ...so "Santa baby... hurry down the chimney as soon as bloody  possible ."
I foresee queues , a mad frenzy of epic proportions and for once it  won't be  for a fridge during the Harrods sale. Maybe it's just as well that I will be missing opening day..by the time I come back to London,  there will no longer be my size available and maybe , if I am lucky, I may just find  one silk scarf left , cowering  in some  hidden corner.
Now Get thee to Liberty of London!


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