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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

No "Palermo" Italiano : Olivia Palermo,to know her is to love her?

Olivia Palermo is on the cover of next months edition of Tatler and she frankly deserves the accolade. Her hypnotic and bewitching Bambi-esque gaze exudes the cool elitism she is renowned for. Being chosen for a Tatler cover is like being invited to Buckingham Palace for tea with her Majesty the Queen...total acceptance and recognition within the strict realm of the social elite and fashion glitterati. Bravo!
As Catherine Ostler,the editor, so clearly puts it :.."If you haven't heard of her (Olivia Palermo)then you are clearly over 30,have never seen The City and need to dramatically adjust your fashion antennae." Well I clearly don't fit the bill:not only am I over 30 but I know who she is having seen every episode of The City that I can name everyone in the show.As for my fashion antennae...it must be off the charts then!
I don't believe that this is necessarily a good thing, for the image I have of her from the series is that of a spoilt young lady with an attitude problem that doesn't come across as attractive. She claims,in her interview for Tatler,that editing is the reason the world at large sees her as a villainess....hmmm.
The motives of the "self important"are rarely innocent, just as their innate sense of entitlement renders them less than delightful in the eyes of the masses.
Don't get me wrong,Olivia Palermo is utterly gorgeous and polished to perfection...a feat that most New Yorkers accomplish with such ease. She is a walking ad for the Upper East Side..how she hasn't guest starred in Gossip Girl is beyond me ...she is the real thing ! A socialite cartoon image of  Cruella de Ville in YSL Tribute heels. She at least hasn't suffered from the "negative"image,her appeal amongst the young fashion forward as well as all women with taste and style has risen. She has become  Style Ambassador ...love her,or loathe her..she is here for a while.  Does Whitney Port have the same global acclaim?...enough said.
I have known Olivia Palermo's all my life and one stands out from the rest. I used to socially interact with a Middle Eastern version of Miss Palermo; just as lovely ,bred from fine stock,primped and polished with legs of a foal and the ample cleavage of a Page 6 girl. Now where they differ is in their individual approach to fashion:where one has exquisite taste and style,the other worships at the alter of a Footballers wives wardrobe...all chav and no tastic. Now just like Olivia, her barbs can be caustic,her comments loaded and her compliments dubious at best. So yep! The bitter after taste that lingers from this past friendship only defines my bias towards Miss Palermo's character. In this fickle world of fashion in which (as Heidi Klum so aptly puts it in Project Runway): "One day you are in...and the next you are a-out!" you can never let your guard down....After all "To fake it,is to make it"and God bless all those who do.
Let me add one final self indulgent word on the subject ; this is aimed at Olivia's gorgeous boyfriend Johannes Huebl and it is a line from "The way we were":
"Your girl is lovely, Huebl (Hubbell)..." And she is,she truly is. 


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