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Thursday, 2 September 2010

SHOES GLORIOUS SHOES ! : onstage for your pleasure

I am very excited about this show , even though the odds of my getting to actually see it are slim...(as I live in France)..so I will rely on your comments to let me know how fabulous it is.
This show is nothing but pure genius, not only does it feature one of our greatest passions: SHOES but it also permits us to see them in poetic motion; on stage dancing and bopping away but... on somebody else's feet ! We come out of it  unscathed and blister free but having felt the sheer elation nonetheless. A feast for the eyes for all shoe lovers and a rollicking good time to boot...Genius.
It promises to run the gamut on a whole range of shoes from trainers to crocs, to the sublime Louboutins and Ferragamos...yep!..now I have your full attention. I get that you may not particularly favour the crocs way of life, I have the same aversion for Birkenstocks..but frankly the whim and whimsy of it all promises one humdinger of a show.
 How about this : plan a day out visiting Selfridges' new shoe emporium during the day...maybe buy a  pair  and in the evening show them off at Sadler's Wells on your way to your booked seat to see the show! Perfect shoe outing for any woman .
In a nutshell expect : 32 musical numbers , over 250 pairs of shoes , 12 hot dancers , 5 incredible singers and a live band.
NB : Please don't hang around backstage waiting for a discarded pair of Loubous..tut tut tut.
To find out more or simply book, go to : http://www.sadlerswells.com/



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