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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Tea and Sunday Tidbits...

So JK Rowling says she might be writing more Harry Potter books...That is quite exciting but knowing how long it takes her to write each book ,I may well be over the age limit to enjoy it let alone remember to buy it! 
Having said that I did come across a fabulous Harry Potter-esque book for adults called: "The Magicians"by Lev Grossman. It is simply a mesmerizing treat from the word go and a literary gift for all HPotter fans; dark and magical with a hint of  downright scary. So,if you can't wait for Ms Rowling to put pen to paper,this paperback is waiting for you . How old will Daniel Radcliff be by the time those books are made into films?
Lauren Conrad , one of "The Hills" original stars , has brought out a new book called "Style". Now every bit as stylish as she may well be for a girl her age..I sometimes feel that her token jumbo sized Chanel quilted handbag must have her rushing for spine realignment at least once a month...so what will her style suggestions be regarding handbags heavier than you?
This week has seen the announcements of 2 marriages gone sour: Courtney Cox/David Arquette and Christina Aguilera/Jordan Bratman. I am sorry to say but Jordan Bratman never quite looked credible to me as Aguilera's husband ,let alone music producer...something about his beady eyes, that beard and the worried look like someone would sooner or later find out that he is really Rick Moranis from " The Ghostbusters"...desperately seeking the gate keeper...
As for David Arquette..well,there are only so many years one can take one's husbands clownish clothing before they stop being funny.
My tea is getting cold... 


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