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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

FYI: Fur your information

For anyone who is desperate to acquire the "furry creature shoes" I wrote about back in September(see post :"All creatures great and worn") I am happy to announce that not only are they still available but also in the exact same position they were in the last time I spied them in the shop window: beneath the same pair of jeans ,like furry gifts under a denim tree but now with added company, a fur blanket and a fur collared coat.
Now I must exert this word of warning...I know we are approaching Christmas and the desire to acquire pets runs rampant around this time of year. Pets are for life and not just for Christmas ! So think long and hard. After all what man wouldn't want to be swathed in so much fur ? A hairless one no doubt.Was the shop open at 10.15 am for me to poke my nose in ? Strangely enough, no...Probably out late trapping the night before. Have I committed the name of this fancy establishment to memory? For the life of me,I simply cannot seem to absorb that piece of information ...My mind simply refuses in the face of such tasteless and gaudy adversity. But what I can give you is accurate directions to this freak show.
Moving on to actual fashion trends: I spied a yummy mummy and her offspring out on a Saturday shopping run in a pair of Sasquatch hairy boots. Were they Chanel...I couldn't tell you but how many designers have embraced this particular whimsy? They definitely weren't Manolo's that much I am sure of.
 She wore them with a slim pair of jeans tucked in snug and a large Louis Vuitton monogram denim Sunrise bag slung over one shoulder.... almost the same size as the kid himself and shouldered with equal pride. She managed to pull off two trends simultaneously:last summer's "waiting list" handbag with this winter's "Someones got to buy'em" boots. Not that I am a fan of these hairy paws on elegant women, but I do find them to be a visually pleasant change from the overwhelming amount of Uggs being dragged under foot like road kill. Uggs should be sold with a health warning to all those who have to suffer the indignity of walking behind teenagers and their ilk who insist on dragging their feet in perfect harmony.... Street sweepers must revel in this daily occurrence...


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