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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Super Fly "SUPERDRY":Now open for business in Cannes.

I have a super announcement to make "SUPERDRY" has opened its doors right here in little old Cannes, my BF and I are super pleased...I should stop using the word "super" at this point...it just comes naturally along with the smile on my lips. I no longer have to run to Selfridges or the Covent Garden store when in London to pick up tshirts and the like , it is right here at my doorstep and come summer my friends kids are going to blow the hinges off the doors and buy buy buy by the bucket loads. They should foresee trolleys and baskets by the door,as all one really needs is to go through the isles and pop things super market style...(there goes the word "super" again...)into the baskets and head straight for the till because that is how eye poppingly colourful and more-ish this items are...you can't just stop at one tshirt,you'll need at least 2 more plus a sweatshirt and well...the choice is there, just take your wallet or your mom and her wallet and head straight there as soon as you get off the plane at: 6 Rue Freres Casanova 06400 Cannes. It is the pedestrian only area off the rue d'Antibes opposite Agnes B and surrounded by cafes and eateries for you to stop snack, have a coffee and dive back in!
Their first boutique in France opened back in March 2009 in St Tropez and the fevered frenzy has spread to Cannes,newly opened and ready for your business.
The staff are super cute and extremely helpful without being pushy and overbearing...one needs a minute or two to silently contemplate the extraordinary array of colours without someone breathing down your neck. This is not only for the trendy youths but for their adult counterparts too. 
Move over A&F, Superdry is the new man in town.


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