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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Hollywood or Hollywouldn't?The Grammys

First let me say,as the Oscars loom ahead of us tonight,how much the awards season is not only all glam,bam and thank you mam...but also fashion fodder for all the critics out there. Let's face it,there is alot to say about what is considered bad taste and what is considered fashionable...those lines are so blurred,don't even bother adjusting your screens.
At the Grammys Lea Michele from Glee,puckered and puckered and puckered some more on the red carpet.The show is fab,the cast and music is fab...but girlfriend: Get a grip! The whole Bridget Bardot sex kitten thing just comes off as too contrived on you and frankly makes you look like a twit.
Talking about twits:Ricky Martin in Buzz Lightyear's pants takes the biscuit. The man stood tall and proud in silver jeggings that could only be pulled off by Jake Shears from Scissor Sisters...then again maybe Jake wouldn't even want to "pull them off Ricky let alone Mika".... He should be Livin La Vida Locked up in those things and so should his stylist.
Let us drift off to my pet peeve :Justin Bieber. What in God's green earth was that kid wearing?  I believe it was a white velvet suit by D&G. Now D&G, in my eyes, are losing the plot and putting this kid inVince Vaughn's cast off romping suit is either genius or pure lunacy. Like the kid can't afford a suit that actually fits him? White velvet? Really? I think that look shocked him enough to stop him continually flicking his bloody hair and that in itself was worth its weight in gold. So maybe a good thing after all...
Nicki,Nicki,Nicki Minaj....I don't know whether her looked screamed "Bedlam in Bedrock" or "I'd like a 99 ice cream and hold the flake"...What with Lady Gaga being freshly hatched on stage why not run with it....
Ri Ri was applauded in her Jean Paul Gaultier number....(pause)..."Are you kidding me?" I don't know where to start? Jean Paul seriously, are you off your meds? Your rocker? Or simply grieving that you no longer design for Hermes? That dress is purely and simply the poodle that one puts over the spare toilet roll in the guest bathroom.
I simply adored what Joan Rivers had to say about Jennifer Lopez's dress because as gorgeous as Jennie looked,Joan's acerbic tongue made it all the more memorable:.."It is not that I didn't like Jennifer's dress.... it was so short,that I could almost see where her twins came from..."Priceless.
NB: don't get me started on Charlie Sheen who is busy biting off the hand that feeds him and making himself look and sound like a complete moron.You are in a hit show....in which you get to play the drunken Lothario that you are? Easy money! Shut the heck up and let the cameras roll...oh yeah..they've cancelled your show....Kudos numbnuts.


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