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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Funny thing I heard on a Monday morning....

This is a story I heard on the radio and absolutlely loved.
Dating is hard,Lord knows we all have our own dating disaster stories but this one is a doozy:

Girl in question was on her first date with Boy of the hour. He picks her up and takes her to a restaurant for dinner. Girl is happy,restaurant is buzzing and the conversation and wine are a flowing. Girl looks to the bar and finds a Woman looking at her. Unsure as to whether she knows her she turns to look at her again:Woman still looking at her,so Girl smiles at Woman and turns back to her companion to enjoy her evening. Every once in while Girl would turn to look and find that the Woman has slowly crept forward...as diners would leave the Woman would take their empty seats and inch closer. Girl finds it strange but doesn't let it ruin her evening.
Plates cleared, meal enjoyed the Boy gets up to go the toilet, Girl distracted turns and finds Woman sitting right behind her. Startled, she can only stare...and this is when the Woman says to her:
"Just making sure my son is going out with the right tart."
Girl gets up ,walks out.... without once looking back on  mummy's "bestest boy"and  his rabbit boiling mater.


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