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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Is this a Man's World?

Cue Keira Knightly clad in a  tight fitting leather onesy riding on a motorcycle while Joss Stone bleats out "This is a ma-ya-yans world..."for Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle. Keira is gorgeous and I am sure Jeremy Clarkson concurs despite the rather unglamorous description he made of her on Top Gear as being"a head on an ironing board"... I shamefully laughed at his rather crude description...but I am only human. Some men will find her sexy others not...this is a man's world after all....or is it?

Has fashion dictated a trend this season that will turn things on their head with the new androgynous trend of women shod in men's shoes or is it an empty promise of things to come? Why make a mockery of women who work hard in a world run fundamentally on man's ideologies by making them literally step into their shoes? Any takers on that trend...please raise your hand! Any God fearing fashion forward woman who wants to cling  to one ounce of her feminine wiles will be squirming at the mere sight of Stella McCartney and Celine's idea of a fashion trend: a man's shoe for a woman.

Hello? Shoe meet Hideous...because that is what they are,hideous :a travesty of good taste and common sense.I get brogues,I got brogues!...flat heel,high heel...love 'em. Doc Martens what the hell but these...these look like the shoes Saudi men used to wear back in the day to look chic. I should know,I grew up around some of these men,thankfully Dad stayed clear. If they see these same shoes on their women...it is grounds for divorce.

I get woman dressed in a suit ,I not only love the look but applaud it : I wore out an Et Vous  cream pinstriped trouser suit back in the 90s while working as a sales girl at Blanc Bleu,Juan les Pins...a demeaning job run by a ruffian but I had something to prove to mysef. I would alternate wearing it with a tank top, suspenders and high tops (gaining the unwanted attention of the lesbian girlfriend of the girl who worked next door in Reminiscence)then switch to high heels and we would get this party started. 
On that same note, I have more than once embraced the perenial YSL inspired tuxedo for women at weddings when every other woman was in a dress be it long or short. Anyone at Mo and Moncy's wedding on the Cap d'Antibes will remember me wearing  a white linen Claude Montana tux. High heels,makeup and a sexy updo and who wouldn't pull it off? Someone who would take the trend too far and add Stella's or Phoebe's shoes. 

*SEPT.2011 UK ELLE:STELLA McCARTNEY £550....and they are not even leather!*
 The common denomenator here is the word "woman" and then what the look inspires in men and other women :"sexy,appealing,inspiring..." And there lies the crux, take away any one of those adjectives and you will remove femininity and what differenciates us from men. This is a "Mad Men" world, a "Pan Am" world,these tv shows that occupy our screens say it all: women work in men's worlds and ooze sex appeal even at 30,00 feet.
This is a fashion trend that seriously is left wanting and forget wanting to appeal to a man...because no man will come within a 10 mile radius of you wearing these shoes. You may appeal to women if you are so enclined and there is nothing wrong with that but we are talking fashion here and not Match.com...we all dress to appeal to someone other than ourselves even on our lowest days and this trend of fugly shoes has me flumoxed. Thankfully I have not seen anyone following this trend while last in London (in Cannes women are still perplexed by a squoval toe , a man's shoe will push them over the edge)but almost wish I had, just to see the beast out in the open. Will it be attacked or will it be followed?

Alpha male or alpha female...you pick your side. I have my alpha male who wears his shoes with pride and doesn't covet mine,thank God.
 I am woman hear me roarrrr!