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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Pssst...I Have a Secret...and I'm telling Everyone!...

Ron Rizzo,the new name in innovative jewellery and his brand new:"Pleve" collection:

With Christmas around the corner and Santa’s wish list still lying empty on the kitchen counter, I suggest you pen this in and then underline it in red: Ron Rizzo and his magnificent“Pleve” collection .

These are exciting times especially when a creator can envisage a revolutionary method in diamond assembling or “diamond sculpting” as Ron calls it, without relying on the tried and tested traditional methods . What he has created and I am sharing here with you is a fresh and unique approach in hand sculpted jewellery.
We all need some Christmas cheer and Ron Rizzo ticks all the boxes .
Forget what you know, clear your mind of the classics,pour yourself a glass of chilled champagne and...Feast your eyes upon these:


We all love a little bling, especially around this time of year.... Anyone who says otherwise is lying to herself; this is the season to be jewelled and bedazzled. Waste it not,"Bah,Humbug's" go home and let the rest of us kick up our diamond heels.

Here’s a little about the artist and creator: Ron Rizzo.

He was born into the business where he was able to nourish his passion for jewellery making within the folds of his family’s business. He attended F.I.T and the Gemological Institute of America and went on to receive the accolades from his peers such as the prestigious DeBeers award amongst others.
 “Pleve” (pronounced a la fran├žaise) is a brand new line of unique and innovative jewellery which cannot be found in stores ...Yet!
Ron Rizzo's other designs have been sold in Henri Bendel, Saks as well as Neiman Marcus in the US. What makes this method stand out from the rest is its uniqueness...these pieces cannot be duplicated, this method has never been seen before, in fact there is a patent pending on this process.
Check out the process and the artist at work:


With the success of his wholesale business under his belt, Ron has moved onwards and upwards, opening his own retail boutique and studio in Long Island, NY.

62, Glen cove Road, East Hills NY 11577. Tel :( 515)484 0030

And you thought you didn’t have any ideas for gifts....!