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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey :Much ado about nothing?

I'll do a Will-i-am and start my sentence with:
"So...Like..." I have just finished reading this book and can safely say:
What is all the fuss about? Seriously!
 I live in liberal France where mistresses are a norm, swingers swing ....sex is rampant and topless women lie prostrate across every inch of the beaches.Did this immunise me to the sordid details of this soft porn trilogy? Maybe...or maybe I just found the hype to be sensationalist.

 I didn't bat an eyelid,nor did I blush,flush or break a sweat while reading the sex scenes between Christian Grey the Dominant and his Submissive  Anastasia Steele.How apt that the characters are called Grey & Steele ...him the gazzillionaire,devastatingly handsome but with a dark painful past who needs to dominate women because he "doesn't do relationships. Her: a virgin graduating from college who sees herself as plain while everyone else his stunned by her beauty...No,she does not see it nor her effect on men.... My inner Goddess is screaming CLICHE!!
 Anastasia keeps referring to her "inner Goddess" ad nauseum,I shall take a leaf out of her book and say:"MY inner Goddess was yawning...."throughout most of this book. 
Am I blase about this book? Maybe...and maybe I am simply past the age where this will make me hot or bothered. Entertaining read, E L James is no Jackie Collins....

Disappointed at the hype,but then again hype sells...so have the movie rights.


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