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Friday, 28 December 2012

From The Mouths of Fashion Maestro's

I simply adore the fashion fabulous Diana Vreeland: she put red on the map,her hands were her favourite part of her body and she is once again brought to life in an intimate new documentary:
"The Eye Has To Travel-Diana Vreeland"

                                         "Never Fear being vulgar, just boring"

                                          "I adore pink! It's the Navy blue of India."

Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Year After by Martin Davies

If like me and a million others you are a Downton Abbey fan then this is a book for you.

Tom returns from the war and France and is summoned back to Hannesford Court by the mesmerising Margot Stansbury. Now 5 years later,secrets are brought back up to the surface: a clash of class, an etude in etiquette gone awry.
This is a compelling read, a book that captivates your heart and imagination...your hands are simply drawn to pick it up all hours of the day.

This book is a far better choice of time spent then watching the decidedly boring Downton Abbey Xmas special, even the enigmatic Maggie Smith can't rescue it from the doldrums.
What a darned shame ...so unexpected and such a snooze fest until the end when.....

....don't worry I won't spoil it for you...but you'll find that at the end of "boring" comes an "OMG" moment that is almost an insult to our attention span.

"Oh, dear Carson...bring in the smelling salts and my book please:

"The Year After" by Martin Davies."

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Frockanrolla 's Xmas Cheer...




Friday, 21 December 2012

Chill-axing at Le Boudoir de Jenny

We all need a moment to step away from our lives into havens of peace,tranquillity and vanilla incense.

Today I did just that...tired and stressed from my eminent move and everything else that gets blown out of proportion....I walked straight into the warm and welcoming arms of :
"Le Boudoir de Jenny" in Cannes for a pedi and shellac but most importantly for a total switch off.

I love this place,it opened last spring on a road parallel to the rue d'Antibes and despite the ugliness of the road....this Boudoir is all lollipops and marshmallows,rose and vanilla incense,pretty candles in a girly girl atmosphere that is an absolute home away from home.
Tastefully decorated with comfort in mind, you walk in depleted and walk out ready to face your reality again.

All the big names in nail polish can be found: OPI,Essie and a huge range of colours for Shellac. 
This is a nail bar heaven and a pedicure paradise .....sit back and relax.

At the pedi side of the Boudoir...you can me pummelled and kneaded by the massage chairs while your feet are pampered. Thankfully Tiziana doesn't do idle chitchat but what she did is a  wonderful job on my feet.

Thank God for Shellac! What a wonderful invention...

Here is the address:
Le Boudoir de Jenny:8,rue Lecerf-06400 Cannes
Tel:04 89 68 42 58

Classic pedi: 38€ + Shellac polish=66€
Peace of mind= priceless

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

C....is for CARVEN

I fell in love with this silhouette the moment I saw it:
the A-Line ribbed wool sweater, the cotton "vicar" collar that marks a stark contrast and then the suede laser cut skirt that appears like a flower in bloom......
And all by the wonderfully chic House of Carven.

Skirt: price on request...so must be bloody expensive,with only few for the privileged....
....Altogether now:

Santa Babyyyyyy.......

Monday, 17 December 2012

Charlie Brown's Words of Wisdom

Look what I found?

Perfect Monday Morning Philosophy.....from the wise Mr. Schulz

So for all you out there who woke up this morning and asked:


Celebrity Sightings: London Dec.2012

I love my celebrity sightings and in London it is par for the course....

I have had a conversation with Angelina Jolie at Adhoc on the King's road after she got her Oscar for her role in "Girl Interrupted", I have come face to face with the diminuative Pink in Harvey Nichols with clothes in her hands to try on , I've seen  the hansome,smiling Paul Bettany and his scowling wife Jennifer Connolly riding the escalators there too...Adele in Waitrose last year as well as seeing the lovely Bill Nighy trying on an overcoat in Selfridges and looking fabulous last month. Dare I also mention Amy Childs from TOWIE looking out of her comfort zone in the Harrods food all. We were having lunch at the Bentleys seafood counter and she came with 2 other people,sat down for lunch too. Too much make up and a diet coke is all I remember...then again why bother?

So who did I see last week in London?

Why Sam Mendes as we were leaving the Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbride after a lovely dinner there with friends. So excited was I to have recognised ,let alone spotted Mr Mendes that I quickly jumped and pounded my friend Philippe's chest with glee: "Sam Mendes! Behind you!!"
"Where? Where?" he replied intrigued as my sister,her husband, Philippe's wife( and my dear friend) Janet looked on with amusement at all the fuss I was creating (did I mention the lateness of the hour and all the wine we drank?)
Once safely tucked into our taxi did Philippe add;
"Honestly Reem all that fuss for nothing...Big Deal!!"
"What happened to "where? where??"!! I replied not wanting to be the only one left feeling childish!!

A few days later as we were waiting for our table at Scotts in Mayfair, Charles Saatchi and his lovely wife Nigella Lawson breezed in.
 Now they looked particularly dishevelled, both with unbrushed hair,large flapping overcoats ... had I not been paying attention,they would have walked passed me unnoticed...
Who am I kidding my Celeb-dar is highly tuned and never lets me down.

NB: How could I forget spotting Flabio Briatori sitting down for a meal at the fabulous Novikov in Mayfair....
I mean Flavio!!! Oops.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

What's in a Name....?

Thanks to an overrated reality show on British TV...my name has been propelled into the limelight and is now very much a "noun"....

Thanks to TOWIE:The Only Way Is Essex..."Reem": a middle eastern name that means little gazelle has had a makeover and has been liberally used by Joey Essex to describe an:

" incredibly sexy and physically talented individualA “reem” is always envied and desired by others who are not able to reach “reem status”

Luckily it means THAT to him...imagine if it meant something truly hideous.Still,the whole thing makes me roll my eyes and quite frankly...I never gave it a second thought
..... until......

I was in "Office" a shoe shop chain in King's road trying on a pair of Nike High Dunk's...which they didn't have in the colour I wanted.

"Would you like me to ring round to one of our other shops?..."
"Yes please."
And he located a pair in Selfridges:
"Can I have your name please?"

He cocked his head to one side and a bizarre grin appeared on his lips...as though to say:"You are joking?!"...And then it hit me,like a skillet to the head...that bloody TV show has its followers right here.

"Yessss..that is my name:REEM! Would you like to see some ID as proof?"
"Wow, how funny..." he replied stifling a giggle.
"Only to you" I whispered. "Go On!! Look at my Passport for the hell of it!!"I added for effect.

Not that it would have made a blind bit of difference to this young,pimply individual at Office...I had just made his day and everybody else's who happened to answer his phone calls.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Trapped Within a Gilded Gucci Cage

Saturday afternoon in Knightsbridge is never a dull moment: The anti Fur protesters come out in droves chanting :" Shame on you! Gucci....Harrods....Cavalli...."whoever they are targetting....Fur is Murder!"

So the reason for this photo? I am in fact trapped behind the solid doors of Gucci...I wish you could see me...hilarious!
As I attempted to leave I am faced with the closed doors,the chanting crowds outside with banners and pamphlets. I look at the 3 burly guards and say:

"Can I leave? I'm wearing wool and viscose?!!"

"Madam,...no problem" says Burly Guard as I approach the door...hesitant 'cos to be honest it was rather overwhelming:

"Ermmmm...Are you coming with me?"

Luckily the Police were by the door,the crowd didn't fly at me...and there was my sister and her husband in hysterics watching me emerge.
This photo was their gift to me...to immortalise the moment I was trapped within Gucci.