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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Fight or Flight....

I am a jumpy sort and one of my pet peeves are (from past experiences) surprise phone calls from people who don't identify themselves and who want to play the "guess who" game.
I just had such a phone call:

"Hello ?"
"Hello there!..." (enthusiastic male voice,I don't recognise).
"Hi! Who is this?..."( I politely but tentatively ask).
"You know me!" he insists playfully.
"Erm...no I don't ! Can you identify yourself ?" My mind is rushing through family, friends and foes, people I should remember but simply can't ...." Who are you please?!"
" You do know me....!"playful silence...
This is making me nervous so...
I hang up.

I get my voice mail and the mysterious man leaves a message but still omits to tell me who he is...! Something he says at the end captures my attention but doesn't register until...
my sister confirms to me that the call was from a Swiss mobile... ( no she doesn't work for Vodafone nor MI6...)it hit me like a freight train. The call was from my Arabic teacher back from my high school days!!I haven't seen nor spoken to him in over 20 years?! But I did get a message from him on Facebook only last week....nice work Sherlock!

Under these and other, lets call them ,"unsettling" circumstances my fight or flight mode kicks in.... and it is flight all the way baby!

Looks like I may never hear from him again! I do hope he got my text message...
Sorry Mr. B

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