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Sunday, 8 April 2012

My Top 6 Beauty Favourites:

I am over the moon that I have at last found the Chanel nail varnish I have been coveting: Blue Rebel #553 part of the Jean collection...and the colour does NOT disappoint:

When I was last in Terminal 5, I was accosted by a young eastern European sales girl at the Benefit counter...did I snub her and go about my business ? No...I let down my guard one minute ,as I was fumbling to find the piece of paper on which I had earmarked the product I wanted. She was in my space and face, so to way lay her I said:
"Erm...eyebrows". And like a heat seeking missile she reached out and plucked out the product before I could say "Hey Presto!".

" Browzings "- a brow shaping kit complete with 2 mini brushes and  tweezers is absolutely fabulous and the perfect kit to define your eyebrows and to fill in the overplucked spaces. It comes in 2 shades: dark for me and works like a charm on your face. There is a coloured wax that you apply with the angled brush to draw the line and then the powder that goes over it with the flat brush. Easy peasy...I have very dark and defined eyebrows and for once the colour was perfect and my eyebrows did not come out looking like Joan Crawford's. 

The "Speed Brow" gel  quick sets it all , making the stragglers lay down in submission...even that stubborn one that stands to attention like a tv antenna.

 I was weakened by her magical fingers and the way my brows looked that I broke down and bought the "Pore-fessional" pore minimiser balm that goes on as soft as a baby's bottom and  comes with a perfect little concealer: "Erase Paste". 

The "Hello Flawless"is an oil free foundation and was a freebie. I don't tend to use much foundation  in general,least of all in the summer...I either end up looking like I am wearing kabuki makeup or part of the Adams family. So I use it in moderation and under strict supervision . 

I did buy one other product: the" Clinique even better dark spot corrector". Yes.... just like in their ad with the 2 eggs,one with dark patches and the other without...I was hoping the cream would erase the dark/age spots on my nose and face from sun exposure...ain't happening yet.

Hope does spring eternal though....watch this space.