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Monday, 6 August 2012

RIP...Faithful Maui Jims.

One of the many gifts I bought my BF through the years has been a pair of thin, wire framed "oh so light" Maui Jim's....his only pair of decent sunglasses.

Recently, he has been driving me insane by constantly misplacing them. I would quietly fume and wash my hands of the whole affair before he would produce them out of thin air like a rabbit from a hat a few days later:they were at the gym, squeezed beneath his car seat... When he was last convinced that they had been stolen ...I narrowly missed obliterating them underfoot as I stepped into my car.
The final straw was in NYC last May: after my BF's frenzied shopping spree at American Eagle on Times Square, we left the shopping bags in our hotel room before setting back out again into the mid morning sunshine. I slipped on my sunglasses and my BF's hand went instinctively to his t-shirt collar, I saw his face pale in the glaring sunlight:
"Shit!....my sunglasses... I must have left them at the store!" he quickly exclaimed,trying desperately to diffuse the ticking timebomb that was about to explode in his face:

"Not again! You can bloody forgeddabout finding them ...those glasses are long gone by now...I am NEVER going to buy you another pair of expensive sunglasses again!!!.."
On and on I ranted and raved at him as we trotted back to American Eagle. 
"I left some sunglasses behind in your changing room...has anybody found them?"
"No Sir..."
" Can I have a look anyway?" asked my BF .
And ...there they were, hanging on the clothes bar taunting me...their escape thwarted.
"OMG! Do you know how lucky you are?" I said amazed by our finding.

Fast forward 2 months later: we are on the scooter buzzing around and from the corner of my eye I see something fall to the road as my BF exclaims out loud:
"What was that???"I exclaim..hoping against hope...
"My sunglasses....."he said as he quickly turned round to get them.
Just as we  turned around and located them by the roadside....did I watch in horror as a car drove up  and instead of narrowly missing them...as their destiny would have dictated by now...it unceremoniously ran over them with an ever so quiet:Cruunnnch!
I punched BF in the arm out of shock and horror, as though I had just witnessed a murder:
"Owww! Why'd you hit me for? Those sunglasses were clearly no longer ment to stay with me...!"
"So you're telling me what? That they leaped to their death ?!!!..."

So this is an ode to his Maui Jim's:Hopefully their suicide was painless.
Needless to say that my BF is firmly sticking to his cheap Decathlon sunglasses....for now.