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Thursday, 6 September 2012

London's Dover Street and its New Boutiques.

There is something about revisiting a street that was once...well,dare I say: boring...only to find that it has sprung to life with some truly decent shopping.

I am talking about: Dover Street in London, a street that runs parallel to Bond street and that was once only known for its galleries and the avantgarde shopping emporium:Dover Street Market which is at no.17-18.
Now DSM(Dover Street Market) has some pretty cool neighbours: "Vanessa Bruno" has opened its stylish doors at 1A Grafton street (a zebra crossing away from Dover) which we passed on our way to lunch at the vastly popular American brasserie: "Automat".

I recommend making a reservation and asking for a booth (see above) or to be seated in the bright,light inner sanctum which has a busy,New York vibe to it.
"Automat":33, Dover Street
0207 499 3033

Back to shopping:"Louboutin" is planning an assault on Dover Street with a shop about to open there soon as well as " McQ": Alexander McQueen's little sister label.
Another on trend French label has also opened its doors at no.30A: "Loft"... which is great for separates with a French Flava!

"Acne"is at no.13 with "APC" at no.35....hot,fun,fashion.

"John Rocha":a beloved British designer is on the corner of Dover and Stafford. His boutique is part boudoir and classy as it is chic. Gorgeous gowns,clean cut and his accessories all under one roof. 

French darlings and one of my favourites:"Marithe et Francois Girbaud" (who live by there own fashion rules) have opened on the top half of  bustling Bond Street, a stone's throw from the small and now very classy department store: "Fenwick". There has always been something appealing about their designs which come off as one part fashion ,mixed with one part architecture...funky styles that are not for everyone but true French Fashion Royalty for the diehard fans and followers.

FYI:" Fenwick's": has been spruced up and dusted off and now has a cool "Barneys" style fashion department with some great British designers such as Jonathan Saunders...a must.

The one opening that has really made some noise is...believe it or not:
"Victoria's Secrets"...also on Bond Street ,opposite "Fenwick"s where "Pringles" used to be.

Big, flashy with music that rivals A&F...but with a tad more lighting...and I underline tad !!
Surprisingly enough...all this fanfare is for something that has been around for as long as the WonderBra...and that has been a while. But HEY! if you shout loud enough people will come a runnin' and to be fair..the downstairs section which houses the "Pink"line (and is in actual daylight)...is great for sweats and stuff.
The staff are young ,extremely helpful and polite. They have the "American"approach of retail down pat..I actually felt like I was in New York.

"Have a Nice Day..and thank you for shopping with us!"