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Friday, 29 March 2013

Get Set.... Glow!

So Spring is officially with us...yet no one has thought of leaving a memo to Mr. Weather. No matter, what it is time to do is reboot our skin and our insides to get ready for the healthy glow of summer.

As each season brings about its changes so must we: a detox is always a great way to kick start  things and it is advised but all pharmacists (I speak of here in France).
I have been taking these daily wee bottles of herbal goodness:plant extracts,herbs and fruit... at each change of season coming on to a year now and I feel better for it...no hokum, on the level.
And they taste good too!

Moving on to the face: I have discovered and subsequently tried : PAYOT Pate Grise and have been pleasantly surprised.
This thick clay-like substance ( if it smells like it and feels like it...) is to be used to cover those pesky spots that pop up and annoy the hell out of you while you try to make them disappear while mercilessly picking at them while watching TV ...STOP!! 

*DELAROM Exfoliating face mask & PAYOT Pate grise*

Dip your finger in,and cover the offending spot  with a layer and go to bed. Yes...go to bed and in the morning...angry spot has been beaten to submission and the inflammation has gone down. Seriously..this is my new "go to" remedy for all spots and blemishes.

I was persuaded to buy this skin exfoliating face mask by DELAROM( see above photo) because it apparently has been "flying off the shelves"..(don't believe the hype...) and because the pink clay (more clay...sorry!) acts not only as a 7-10 minute mask but also becomes a scrub  and actually renders your skin extra soft and extra touchable.

It can also be used twice a week and is recommended for all skin types.


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