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Tuesday, 2 April 2013


I had no idea that this book was published for "the young adults" market...not that it should matter a wit...I have voraciously read all the Harry Potter books and cried in between and till the end , I am not per se an ardent "Twi-hard" fan but I did read all the books way before K-Pat saw the light of day.  So I can say hand on heart: this one is a doozy! And further more if someone hasn't bought the movie rights they better get cracking...this book is so visual you can see it all unfold in your minds eye as though on the cinema screen.

So what is this book about?

"The Diviners"is set in 1920s New York: filled to the brim with speakeasies,prohibition, Ziegfeld follies and flapper girls. But !!! Something is coming...something evil that only The Diviners can foresee and yet they have no idea the size of the darkness that lurks beneath the shuttered windows in the house at Knowles End.
There is murder and mysticism and young New York lovelies that are hiding something or hiding from something...they just don't know how big and scary it all is.
Meet the delightful Evie , the handsome Memphis, Jericho the big and Theta a chorus girl at Ziegfeld's they all come together .....You must read this with the lights on,because if your imagination is half as active as mine...it'll scare the beejezus out of you ! 


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