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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

H&M Collaboration with MRS. CARTER....?

That's BEYONCE to you and me and for all those in the know about Beyonce's upcoming tour:
                        "The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" on April 15th.

But let's talk : H&M!....Every designer collaboration from Comme des Garcons to Marni and Madonna to Vanessa Paradis...die hard fashionistas have flocked in droves,braved all kinds of weather to be first in line when the doors open to snatch a piece of H&M collaboration history.

With Queen B at the helm...I predict a complete sell out in the time I can snap my fingers.

Available beginning of May at all H&M stores worldwide and online.

 I know I have neither age or stamina on my side to go through such an ordeal....The first day of the Harrods shoe sale is enough to set my nerves on edge and reduce me to a wobbly mess...needless to say: I hate crowds. And I have never and I mean never been able  to buy online. The sizes disappear as soon as the bloody collection goes on sale!!! I sorely missed out on key Mary Katrantzou pieces from her collaboration with Topshop last year.

So I leave it all  to you out there my Frockanrollas...Good Luck !



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