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Friday, 26 April 2013

....Now Let's Eat! Food at "The Wolseley" and at their sister Brasserie : "Zedel"

Food Fest in London...after all that is part and parcel of the trip...the sights...the sounds...the food...the shopping and...the Dad Hatter !

With my stomach attempting a rumble or two well before lunchtime...here are some yummy photos of yummy food:

...too hungry to even remember to take any pictures at NOVICOV once again...Mea maxima Culpa...so here is the bar and the gorgeous orchides on display...
Did I mention we sighted who could well have been an aged and rotund Axel Rose? ...to be confirmed...then again...who cares.
Moving on:

After theatre dinner at The Wolseley....ever impeccable,ever professional mouthwateringly good:
The Wiener Schnitzel with the best fries in town...a little gravy and some Lirac red wine.
Interestingly enough...yet another celebrity sighting: Joan Collins with her husband Percy Gibson and friends. And Yes! I am sure..she was sitting in booth behind us.

Now on to some exciting news , from the folk who brought us the wonderful,delectable eaterie in London: The Wolseley....Here is "Brasserie Zedel"

It is a wonderful Parisian style brasserie in full art deco mode that evokes a sense of deja vu from way back then...cavernous and chic, filled to the brim with happy people eating good French food ...but who can say it better than food and restaurant critic: Jay Rayner

A great-value brasserie that offers the taste of the gastro-palaces of Paris at the price of your local CafĂ© Rouge" writes Jay Rayner.

It is exactly that!

So let me walk you through this charming brasserie with some photos I did take!

Ok..got the gist of it and the fabulous decor?

Let's eat!

Choucroute Alsacienne

With saucisse de Mortaux .....not my favourite in the lot...but a must in this choucroute...

And for dessert:...as Grandma used to make it (well not mine but anyway):

Riz aux Lait and its compote

Hungry yet? God I am ...better get cracking on lunch.

Brasserie Zedel has all the pomp that The Wolseley has but with maybe a hint less circumstance...not that that diminishes it in anyway...just to say it brings in a great lunchtime crowd and at darned reasonable prices.

Brasserie Zedel : Bar Americain / Crazy Coqs Cabaret...
20, Sherwood Street,London w1F 7ED (Off Piccadilly and Regent Street)
Telephone:0207 734 4888 


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