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Friday, 17 May 2013

Sausages Anyone?

Once again this was brought to my attention by a dear friend via "DLISTED"....how could I resist?

Yes...she is pregnant....Yes...she got flack for wearing ALL the wrong clothes that made her look well...ridiculous!!
So Kim Kardashian should be at last forgiven ...but those feet are unforgiving...they look like sausages ready to be sliced for happy hour....
Why on earth would she or anyone else want to encase their feet in heat seeking plastic ?

Kim.....you are up the duff....get with the program and some flip flops!!Embrace your inner earthmother...and
PS...Miss Piggy called...she wants her feet back...

And for whoever designed those sandals:

NB:The designer is Givenchy believe it or not.... they have been rendered unidentifiable with all that flesh pouring out....

Thursday, 16 May 2013

These Lil' Piggies cried wee wee wee.....all over the Red Carpet.

The 66th Cannes Film Festival started off with a bang! First the incessant rain and soggy red carpet then the slow whine that became a muted scream coming from Julianna Moore's toes...just seen here scrambling for safety from their strappy confines. 
I have seen pictures of Kate Moss' toes practically leaping out of their sandals for safety and am always amazed that such celebrities who have paid stylists on retainer are allowed to leave their homes/hotels with bits and bobs hanging out. If we can ask : "Does my bum look big in this??" ...why can't someone say: "Hold it! Your toes look super bad in those!"
Are little toes considered small fry and therefore left to their own devices? 
Janet Jackson had "nipple gate", Lady Gaga :" butcher gate" and now I present "Lil piggy out the gate" .....
Looks really funny and bloody painful...hope someone was on standby with splints,corn pads and a pair of Celine's Furkinstoks.... 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Pretty in Print

Spotted & Selected from :UK Marie Claire May 2013
Model:Wanessa @ Select

                                       Have a sunny Sunday wherever you are!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Kelly O'-some!

She's all grown up and looking gorgeous:

Kelly Osborne has always stuck her finger up at conformity and has pretty much  done her own thing ....
....and judging by her appearance here in UK Glamour ...she has the vavavoom in spades.
Good on you,girl...you look great!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Heard it On the Radio...

Backhanded compliment:

Girl walking dog in the park comes across a guy who says:

"Hey! You look hot!"

"Thanks!" replies the girl ...only to realise he was talking to her dog when he proceeded to give him some water.

Special Requests:

Rihanna :all the furniture to be draped in "light blue chiffon"....
Madonna : 20 international phone lines...."to be able to adopt more children worldwide in between performances"...
Mariah Carey : has a special attendant on hand to dispose of her chewing gum and she has been seen (by radio host) tottering a few steps in her heels before lifting both her arms in the air so that 2 burly chaps can lift her the rest of the way....

Pratty Behaviour:

Rihanna was Boo'ed in Boston after arriving 3 hours late for her performance...the one she had previously cancelled due to laryngitis.... I guess she definitely  is a " Bieliber".

On a final note:

 Tom Cruise agrees to a 5th. instalment of Mission Impossible reprising his role as Ethan Hunt...wise decision:...his last couple of films tanked.

Monday, 6 May 2013

TOPSHOP:Top of the hipster shops



The TOPSHOP phenomena is spreading ...Fast! and I urge you to get on board.

I no longer have to schlep it up to Oxford circus and into the behemoth flagship store that houses everything under one roof, because Topshop accommodates everyone by opening a TOPSHOP near you! 
As big and as wonderful as it is, trying to shop anywhere in Oxford Street over a weekend is a nightmare. But not so much in the TOPSHOP in Knightsbridge  across the road from Harrods and nearer to me when in London where I can hop in  and check out the latest designer collaboration and pieces in the Topshop Unique collection. Everyone is super friendly and super helpful and you are never left searching aimlessly for help ...as in Marks and Spencer. I swear you can go days walking through departments and never come across a single salesperson...... 
Unfortunately Knightsbridge has become the highstreet shopping mecca in a sought after address with all the big name designers elbow to elbow on Sloane Street now. But at least we have a choice smorgasbord of the more fashion forward names: COS, TOPSHOP,FRENCH CONNECTION, ZARA, GAP ...to supplement our wardrobe with disposable items that don't cost the earth but look mighty fine with our designer finery's.

Last summer I managed to fool some fashion conscious friends (who never stray from designer labels by never dipping their toes in uncharted "highstreet" territories) with a short boucle style jacket from Zara that they thought was CHANEL and some Preen/ALDO pumps...:" Those are lovely darling...are they Loubous?"