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Saturday, 3 August 2013

I Beck' Your Pardon...

Yesterday I came across an article by( the "controversial") journalist for the Daily Mail: Liz Jones.
Now I use the word controversial lightly as Ms Jones has been "attacked" by the shy and retiring Rihanna...about comments made about her in an article in which she referred to her as being a "toxic role model". I am not going to go there but if you fancy it...then look it up and enjoy!

Liz Jones has a bee in her bonnet about not receiving a reply to her email requesting an invite to Victoria Beckham's upcoming show in New York in September . And the buzzing can be heard in her words ..loud and clear. But despite that fact,Liz Jones is a thoroughly enjoyable read! I love the sarcasm and acerbic wit and I love the fact that someone has finally addressed the elephant in the room...No not the ultra thin Victoria herself who is more asparagus than elephant but about her diffusion line: Victoria, Victoria Beckham. 

We all know that a "diffusion line" aka second label is supposed to be a "cheaper"...more affordable collection. But somehow that seems to lost on Mrs Beckham who wants to make sure that all WAGS, slags and anyone from unsavoury reality TV won't be caught on camera wearing. Like that makes a difference,seriously....

The difference in price is so minimal it is quite laughable. Yes... she has made leaps and bounds in the fashion world and it is to her credit..she is hard working and a fashion maverick...she has in all intents and purposes earned her title. Yes... she has a bountiful and sizable amount of money to play "dress the Barbie Beckham" but from that came a genuine love and respect for fashion and all the labour of love put into creating collections.
Got that...
But why oh why is she so bloody expensive?! 

We are not talking Hubert de Givenchy here,let alone the illustrious and late Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior or Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel   ....and by that I mean the late great powerhouses of fashion labels that have grown to become what fairytales are made of.
Mrs. Beckham is still on chapter 4 here and a long way away from an Opus let alone an Iliad.
So what rattles my cage and part of Ms. Jones' is the following and I quote:

"I personally quite like the VVB collection. But, sadly, I cannot say it is VVG. And this is why. I think there is something a bit sinister going on here. And it is not just the prices, which are only a tad cheaper than her mainline clothes: a sleeveless tux dress is £745, a shirt mini is £565. 
(Most clever of all is that you click on the dress on the website, and then you are invited to join a waiting list. I know this is meant to make shoppers feel privileged, but it just makes me feel as though I am on hold to speak to the people at npower.) 

To aspire to becoming a powerhouse of fashion to rival the rivals is one thing but getting off the power trip is another....I Beck' to differ and I  Beck' your pardon  but ease off the insane price labelling please!

Now for the rest of her thoughts on this and more, do click on the link and enjoy Liz Jones entertaining and informative article:


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