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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Welcome to "Pomellato 67" Heaven

Pomellato has newly launched a  collection of their classic pieces in silver called "Pomellato 67" .
Inside the catalogue and in bold letters" Pomellato 67" is referred to as:..."Glam&Rock emotions"...hmmmm.... I would simplify things by calling it: "Glam Rock"...or the "Rebellious little sister"...
No need to evoke emotions:this is a solid silver ,no frills collection of rock and roll pieces that have been taken from their classic Pomellato collections and rendered immortal and affordable (let us call a spade a solid silver spade...) 

I discovered this collection in the window of "Aubry"jewellers on the Rue D'Antibes yesterday, Marie the saleswoman was overjoyed that I knew immediately that this was:
a) Pomellato...!!!! Duh!
and b) a collection in solid silver..... double duh.

I tried on the ring which was everything a cocktail ring should be: BIG, BOLD and kind of heavy. The stone is quartz but ...and here comes the science...it is a: "hydrotherma quartz...which is otherwise what?... A fake quartz? ....A reconstructed,bullet proof ,never to crack or break...quartz???  The little sparkly stones are: marcasite which was very much used in Victorian and Edwardian jewellery. 

I also tried on the earrings that match the ring which were lovely...still a little big for my taste and a tad heavy but  we are talking Pomellato here not Thomas Sabo...

The collection includes: a large key,the well loved and much seen tiger claw, as well as chains and pendants . Apart from seeing the signed "Pomellato" on the pieces themselves,my mind did wander back to Thomas Sabo and even Tiffany....will this collection prove to be popular?

Would I buy it? I am already a lucky owner of a brushed gold and aquamarine ring from Pomellato that I cherish and simply adore...the ring above is a rather bolder version of it...so :No and I have forbidden my partner from even considering it for my Birthday which is coming up soon.
 As for the earrings... they could be contenders but at the price of : 720€...I find myself hesitating.  Even if this collection does come up "cheaper"....I found myself eyeing the delicate gold earrings and beautiful colourful semi precious stones in the main Pomellato collection and yearning for them and their everlasting "chicness".

You can dress the girl up in Biker Chic but you can't replace the essence of a quintessential Pomellato gold piece.

"Pomellato 67": at Pomellato.com and at Aubry: 81, rue d'Antibes-06400 Cannes