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Monday, 4 March 2013

Barbara "THE BEAR " Bui : London Bound...

I have a large warm embrace of a sheepskin coat that I take out in extreme weather, it is vintage and by Barbara Bui....I call it The Bear.

The Bear and I were boarding a flight to London and I had to part with it prior to sitting down. I rolled him up in a BIG BEAR BALL and looked for an overhead compartment that was close enough and not filled to the brim with wheelie bags.
The lady beside me on the aisle seat saw me looking around in vain:
"I need a a place to put my coat...  The bear..." I said scanning above me.
"Look there' s some place here.." she pointed to the overhead bin an aisle behind me and I shoved my coat in.
On landing I proceeded to reach up to grab my coat and in doing so I heard a booming baritone of a voice saying:

"Aahhh! THE BEAR"...

My surprise came in 2 stages:
1) that someone actually listens to my nonsense and
2)that the baritone voice actually came out of a giant of a woman who slowly unfurled in the row behind me:

" Yes indeed!"I replied taking in the he/she person and wrapping my brain around the vista that expanded before me...."is it? isn't it?...what is it?!

"We are having a close encounter!" he/she boomed with continued fervour.

I laughed and moved along not wanting to appear rude by proceeding with my visual investigation on this Wo-Man.

So what is new on the shopping front?

Ri Ri has launched her collaboration with River Island... she appeared for 6 minutes at the launch party and then skedaddled to party the night away before receiving a bottle of Lucozade flung her way by a disgruntled fan, unhappy with her relationship with the infamous bad boy Chris Brown....someone could have gone the soft route and flung the clothes she designed for River Island instead....

Opposite River Island on Oxford street a whole new building has come up and brought forth more shopping opportunities, namely an "Asics" store and a huge "Urban Outfitters"...like I said before...it could be New York or London ...only the accents change.

On to Sloane Street and a whole batch of shops that have closed down to make room for the fashion Giants!....namely "Tom Ford"....

Yes the gorgeous one is back ! And will take up prime shopping space on Sloane street, neighbour to Harvey Nichols and Zegna. 

Talking about Tom Ford...Gucci is celebrating 60 years of the Loafer:

I for one look back fondly... when 20 years or so I was a proud owner of a pair of Gucci loafers in brown suede. My friend Rula and I (she had a few!) wore them with pride and always put our best feet forward. Would I go back down that route and spring for another pair?
Nahhh! Been there...done that. As for Rula? I'll have to ask her...

But rather a loafer that Beyonce's trainer travesties....come on! Do they need to be in ostrich, boa, ray and crocodile?...(have I left out an endangered species ??)

As lovely and as talented as she is...some people simply have more money than sense or style for that matter...A diamond encrusted,white gold dummy for baby Blue....??

Enough said.