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Saturday, 8 June 2013

"Ma... Ma...Ma...Ma Nolan's" Irish Pub In Cannes

I have never been on a pub crawl while living in London and now that "Irish" pubs are a big deal here on the Riviera ...I ain't about to start now!

So when my friends suggested we meet for after work drinks I thought: " Chilled Rose, a cheese platter and assortment of charcuterie..." not mushy peas and a lager....
But I was willing to try the "Riviera  novelty" of pubbing at Ma Nolan's.

The outside terrace was packed by the time we got there after 7pm...naturally, so we went indoors and found a wee table for four. The TVs were blaring, Tsonga was thwacking.... and amidst the hustle and pub bustle we  settled down for ice cold beers and something to accompany that:
Spicy potato wedges with chili dipping sauce and a plate of nachos topped with the works!
The food is very good, I must say and we ordered 2 more...

Round one led to round two...we were having a laugh while around us the Friday night lads and ladettes were raucous and rowdy.

We asked for the bill : €73 and put down €90.....the change returned €7.00 (minus the bill) ..... €10 were obviously missing as my astute friend immediately noticed.
My partner went to reclaim the rest of our change:

"Excuse me..could you please show me the bill?"
The waitress brought a bill for €85....
"No...... this isn't it".
"Yes, " she said," this is it...€85..."
"No...we didn't have  burgers...keep looking!"...and she did,rummaging through the bin amongst the crumpled bill's...pulling out one after another.
Then she pulled out the winning ticket:ours....€73
"That's it" said my now fed up partner.
"Oh yes! But you paid €80" replied the cocky waitress still insisting that the €10 she was hoping to pocket would remain there....
"No...it was a €50 bill and two 20's....90!"

To confuse  two bills of €20 for a €10 is a little hard to swallow ...especially after such a lengthy debate and pulling out of stray,crumbled till tickets from the bin.
She fished out € 10...gave him a reluctant apology and we walked out.

I am disheartened to see this kind of behaviour here and even more so because I am British.
Yes.... obviously misunderstandings occur and mistakes can be made but this lengthy debacle of he said/she said and bin rummaging is out of order.
The bill needs to return with the change!...under no circumstances is it acceptable to throw it away and place the change on the table without it...

End of.

Ma Nolan's : 6 rue Buttura 06400 Cannes