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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

" It's Up To You....CHANEL CHANEL...!"

I have been "umming and aahing" over this.... and have finally decided to share this with you! 

Two weeks ago I waltzed into the Chanel boutique on the Croisette wanting to look at the sale and what it had to offer. I also had a pair of shoes in mind that I wanted to purchase from the summer collection but not really expecting to find them....or so I thought!

The place was heaving with hysterical Lebanese women out for a bargain and quite vocal about it too...I felt like I was in a Supermarket. I found my friend who works there and asked her :

"I am looking for the shoes with the leather wedge heel...." I was desperately trying to describe them to her and was convinced that I had failed...dismally.

"I know exactly the pair you mean...I think I may have one pair left!" and off N. goes...returning with the desired pair in hand. I heard angels sing loud enough to drown out Lebanon to my right.

They were a perfect fit...they were horribly expensive : €970...not on sale and I HAD TO HAVE THEM!
So...I bought them throwing caution to the wind, my partner who is usually the voice of reason, agreeing that they truly were fabulous and very me. I had planned so many outfits around them...my head was spinning,then again the fact I had paid that much may well have been the reason for the nausea....

I knew exactly when I was going to unveil them ....4 days after purchase on a lunch out with the ladies.
I wore a pair of jeans Esprit shorts, a gorgeous white Marithe & Francois Girbaud tunic top that ruched and tied in various places, my vintage black Chanel handbag and my shoes...
I felt like Cannes was my runway and I...the Queen for the day.

Fast forward:the shoes were a HUGE success...all eyes were on them...and I was positively incandescent with joy...And!....incredibly comfortable too.

I get home,remove my babies,wipe away any little speck of dust before cramming in the balled up tissue paper and laying them gently to rest within their box....

" AAAHHHHHHHH!" I scream ,my partner rushing to my side.

And there was a tear....A TEAR!!! in my Chanel shoe!! The thought is inconceivable... but it was blatantly staring me in the face:

The strap had literally torn along the dotted seam....€970 down the toilet.

I returned them heartbroken.
Obviously there wasn't another pair left...Anywhere. But this was a design flaw so bad that trying to replace it would be downright foolish even N. at Chanel said so...as well as admitting that they did have some returns but not with this particular problem....Hmmmmm....the strap was simply too fine for such a heavy heel.

So you would think that due too this horrendous outcome I would be reimbursed?? After all I did not return them on a whim...regretting my purchase or the foolish amount I spent...so giving me my money back would somehow be the right thing to do...Non?
Chanel (in France ?) doesn't reimburse...it gives you a credit note ....
The good news is...I have A Year in which to use it in.

(a muffled and strangled:)....whoopie.....

I just hope that the Autumn/ Winter collection will have that special something that will call out to me as those shoes did...and I won't have to shell out a penny more!

(I shudder at the thought...)

Between the rusting Ice-Watch, the €200 + Cotelac cardigan I washed by hand and the colour ran...this has been an interesting summer.
As the manageress at the Ice-Watch store told me when I went to pick up my repaired watch:

"I really would like to apologize for this ...but I must say,this was very strange!"
"Oh! ...You don't want to know about the very strange things that have been happening to me...."