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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Be-COS You're Worth it....

This won't come as news to any one who knows me ....I love to buy basics at COS .

COS is a Swedish brand( and sibling of H&M) that is now successfully into its 7th year on the high street.
You can measure its success by the amount of shops it is opening around the central London area.
The flagship shop is on Regents street which can be a right pain over the weekend due to the masses of people but on a smaller level therefore with a more concise collection chosen by a buyer you can go to the COS Corner in Selfridges.
There is now a biggish COS on Knightsbridge just hop and a skip from Harrods with a new shop opening on Kings Road ( in the Peter Jones area.)
Can I hear a YAY!!!

COS stands for : Collection of Style and it supplements any die hard fashionistas wardrobe to a T or should I say C....

I just got back from a weekend in Florence ...more on that later ...and what did I behold? Why a huge COS store getting ready to wow the Tuscan shoppers. 

The minimalist approach to fashion is what attracts the hoards of fans like moths to a flame...Clean lines,asymmetric cuts, with collections that are vast and varied to suit every pallet is their winning ticket to guaranteed sales...Not to mention wallet friendly prices. You can buy an entire outfit : from head to toe and not break the bank and have enough left over for a fancy lunch out....Seriously. Then add to that your Chanel handbag, your latest Zanotti booties...tie a Gucci silk scarf around your neck and you are catwalk ready. 

A coat from COS will keep you warm and see you through the winter ...it won't cost as much as a Max Mara and may not last an eternity but in a fast turn over, fashion fickle market when looks change faster than a season ...and when your budget won't always stretch towards the big name market...this is the way to go.

I will always enter a COS shop...be it in London, Paris or ....Florence and yet I can't seem to cross the threshold into The Kooples......

There's food for thought...
...Talking about food...I'm starving.

Check out their website:http://www.cosstores.com/Shop