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Friday, 18 October 2013

Thank God There's still CHANEL...

Marc Jacobs has left Louis Vuitton after 16 faithful years at the helm of this Titanic house of fashion and accessories. Yes..he has walked off into the sunset clad in his steadfast attire of The 3 S's... skirt and sandals with socks.

Marc has gone back to his roots and his own label .....who will reign supreme at Vuitton and will he keep the flag soaring ?

As of the 10th of October, Nicolas Ghesquiere formerly of Balenciaga, has been appointed as his replacement.

Thank God there's still the unperturbable Chanel.....

Here's a lovely little film, a chapter of chapters into Coco's life...I know it well,I did my thesis on Gabrielle back in my student heyday....