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Thursday, 9 January 2014

" STICKS' N' SUSHI "..... Are you Curious?

What do you get when you cross Danish cuisine with Japanese?...
Why " Sticks' n' Sushi "!!! 
Isn't it obvious?......

As luck would have it,my sister and her husband happen to be friends with a Danish couple who in turn know the owner of "Sticks' n' Sushi "...have I lost you?

So this is how we ended up, on a cold winter's day in the beating heart of London's glorious Covent Garden walking into this spacious, loft like interior....tongues hanging out of our mouths,desperate to savour this intriguing cuisine. 

There are 10 restaurants in Denmark and 2 in London: Wimbledon as well as Covent Garden.
What you buy into is: good,clean fresh food served by delightful,friendly staff who are there to enhance your culinary journey in any way they can. 
Their motto is : "We only employ people with big smiles and small egos"..

On to the food: SUPERB!...there...I said it, we can move on to the pictures...Oh and...
the sticks.... are the Danish part of the cuisine...


A platter with a sushi selection: salmon,tuna, duck rolls...some crunch...some munch .....

Now for the sticks: salmon,chicken wings and pancetta/ goats cheese..(my least favourite) and a lovely side order of fresh daikon.

And to top it all off: 
.....a 4 dessert taster.....

1) white chocolate with sweet miso and popped rice: delicious....
2)vanilla creme brule:heavenly....
3)chocolate fondant with caramel and hazelnut brittle:sublime.....
4)Matcha green tea ice cream with dark chocolate.....nah....meh....forget it.

So where is this foodie heaven?
11 Henrietta Street,
London WC2
Tel:020 31418810


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