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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Christian Louboutin Nails it.....

"It's not about the money,money,money...."sang Jessie J. on her song "Price Tag"..

Well at $50 a bottle ...one has to ask oneself....

So here's the news: Christian Louboutin has launched his signature nail polish:
"ROUGE LOUBOUTIN"...natch... with a full range of colours launching on the 31st of Aug.
There will be 30 hues in 3 different categories:
Pops/Nudes and Noirs.

The cap measures 8inchs,the same length of the heel on the 
Louboutin Ballerina Ultima shoes he collaborated on with David Lynch....check out the launch video:

 It is one of the more expensive nail lacquers on the market at present..but still cheaper than a pair of Loubous. 
Only difference is: once the polish is on your nails,will anyone really tell it apart from an Essie or OPI...? Whereas wearing a pair...it's like waving a red flag at a bull...literally!

Sexy nail polish ...priceless
At present available online and at Saks and Sephora USA.

Just don't poke your eyes out...and don't put in in your hand luggage when travelling!....

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Blurred Lines....

You know you want it.....
Just got to have it.....

But where do the lines blurr when it comes to must haves?

I have Longchamp's (very practical when travelling)"Le Pliage"bag...it was a Xmas gift from "The Coach"(my BF). Doesn't matter that I went online at: longchamp.com... to customise it myself before he purchased it....What does matter is that you can!

Now this is where the line starts to blurr.....in fact my vision is getting kinda fuzzy:
Chanel's "Premiere Triple row" watch/belt......
Anyone seriously considering this...take a rain check and a Xanax...for those that can wrap this around their wrist...x3 and pay £3,350 for that privilege....be my guest.

I love me some Havaianas flip flops,in fact I have 3 pairs now and have always supplemented my summer wardrobe with these colourful,comfy must haves.
Did I know that there was a collaboration between Valentino and Havaianas?
Do I like them?
Would I pay: £175 for a pair?

Tempting my friends,really tempting....

Monday, 21 July 2014

The Dad Hatter and James Garner....

When we were kids we would love to watch: " The Rockford Files"on television with my parents ...Now this may be ancient for some, never heard of for others...but for the TV fanatics of my generation ;you will remember this much loved detective series starring the wonderful; James Garner .

Dad loved his wit,his charm that rivalled well,maybe his own ....and enjoyed James Garner as an actor tremendously, so it was a relief to know that:
a) he remembered who he was and
b)....he had a comment about him.....

Go on, read all about it on:
 "The Chronicles of The Dad Hatter...." a click away to your left...

It's Monday...we all need a caffeine and Dad Hatter kickstart to the day! 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Mirror, Mirror.......

Remember the nineties...or was it even the eighties?... when we rocked mirror sunglasses:Raybans,Cutler & Gross....whatever we got our hands on.

We never took them off, pretended we were extras on Miami Vice and walked into a lot of furniture....
But we were COOL and looked kinda stupid at sundown....

Guess what?
They are ba-ackkkk!!!

And I managed to get my hands on one of the featured pair in this UK Elle line up: The green acetate Le Specs....light as a feather,no one here has them and they have probably burned holes in my retinas...did I mention they are only £35 ?
What we still wouldn't do .....

Monday, 14 July 2014


It has always been my mission in life to be able to wear a 4 year old's "Hello Kitty" pajamas....

Reality show maverick Bethenny Frankel has appeared on Instagram doing just that...

...apparently to make her daughter laugh.
 Hey!Freedom of expression .... yada yada yada...but:
 Beware the fall out. 

I used to admire Bethenny back in her RHONY days,she had chutzpah and deadpan humour in equal measures. Now she has a big head on her Skinny girl body and apparently little love for her fans....
I read somewhere that while out at a bar with her beau du jour, a girl came up to talk to Bethenny while she was dancing and her reply was simply:

Well "Urgh" is how I feel looking at her in that photo.

You reap what you sow.


In a world where the common word becomes glamorised; whereby "totally" is "totes" and "amazing" is " amaze-balls"....
I give you : Totally Amazing ....Totes!....and toute suite!

Even the French have picked up on it by literally translating our way of talking into French...I shall explain:
"It is simply marvellous!"...perfect Downton Abbey diction.
Now as the new fangled French:
" C'est juste magnifique!..."  and my buggabear: THE "JUSTE" HAS NO BUSINESS BEING THERE!!!!!

The whole thing is totes affected.....
I leave it at that and to you to peruse the....erm....bags.

Sunday, 13 July 2014


                                 CANVAS "LOUIS VUITTON" BAG: £985

                                 "CHANEL"TOILE ESPADRILLES: £265

If.. you can still get a pair....Otherwise they shall be listed under: 
.....To Have Not.
...and now I want a pair!!!

NB: As my hairdresser Joy said to me last week:
"£265!!! But they are only in canvas...."
Yes they are...but they have been kissed by the Gods at Chanel......

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Crying over spilt...Perfume

What do you do when you have completely forgotten today's "Travelling Etiquette"....by stupidly placing your rather large and very expensive bottle of limited edition perfume into your holdall....
.....which you have now placed on the conveyor belt in security....and you are wondering why it has been put to one side....

" Oh! For F#*$'s sake....there is only a half eaten bar of chocolate and the Daily Mail in there...."  Wait for it:......


YOU CRY....Yup,no holds barred..tears streaming down your face....I did, unashamedly!
....and guess what: it worked!

Well...not in how you would expect it to work....I couldn't take the perfume with me but they offer you a way out with a system called: "Mail and Fly" by Bagport.
They place your offensive item in a plastic bag,seal it and give you the tag with a code number on it.  Once you land and 24hours later,you go on their website, type in your code and follow the instructions for payment to have your item sent to your chosen address. 

Et voila! A few days later is was delivered to my Dad's in the UK and my sister brought it back for me...in her suitcase.

You live and learn my friends....you live and learn.