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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Blurred Lines....

You know you want it.....
Just got to have it.....

But where do the lines blurr when it comes to must haves?

I have Longchamp's (very practical when travelling)"Le Pliage"bag...it was a Xmas gift from "The Coach"(my BF). Doesn't matter that I went online at: longchamp.com... to customise it myself before he purchased it....What does matter is that you can!

Now this is where the line starts to blurr.....in fact my vision is getting kinda fuzzy:
Chanel's "Premiere Triple row" watch/belt......
Anyone seriously considering this...take a rain check and a Xanax...for those that can wrap this around their wrist...x3 and pay £3,350 for that privilege....be my guest.

I love me some Havaianas flip flops,in fact I have 3 pairs now and have always supplemented my summer wardrobe with these colourful,comfy must haves.
Did I know that there was a collaboration between Valentino and Havaianas?
Do I like them?
Would I pay: £175 for a pair?

Tempting my friends,really tempting....


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