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Monday, 14 July 2014


It has always been my mission in life to be able to wear a 4 year old's "Hello Kitty" pajamas....

Reality show maverick Bethenny Frankel has appeared on Instagram doing just that...

...apparently to make her daughter laugh.
 Hey!Freedom of expression .... yada yada yada...but:
 Beware the fall out. 

I used to admire Bethenny back in her RHONY days,she had chutzpah and deadpan humour in equal measures. Now she has a big head on her Skinny girl body and apparently little love for her fans....
I read somewhere that while out at a bar with her beau du jour, a girl came up to talk to Bethenny while she was dancing and her reply was simply:

Well "Urgh" is how I feel looking at her in that photo.

You reap what you sow.


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