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Friday, 5 December 2014

The Japanese Diamond System....Hair we go again!

 I have been a slave to my hair since puberty; I would wind a gauze bandage around my blow dried ...long... thick... curly hair and slept with what felt like a furry rod . The next morning and upon the unravelling; my hair was controlled and lush...my neck on the other hand needed a brace BUT! off to school I went not looking like Diana Ross who had been dragged through brambles but a happy teen with lovely hair.

Fast forward many years of bi-weekly blow dries/blow-outs:burnt ears and scalp to all the latest fads to get my hair under submission and control.

Yuko: done....Ramrod straight hair after 5 back and ass debilitating hours with  Manolo my then Spanish hairdresser whose accent was as thick as molasses and kept calling me "Ren"...
"It's Reem"...
"I know..Ren"!!
It cost a fortune and looked like crap when my hair started growing out.

To cut a long....long...agonising story short: I did it all....

And now I simply get it relaxed at Junior Green's in Knightsbridge... With a yearly Brazilian thrown in for good measure before summer... I spend less time at the hairdresser and get out by lunch time for a glass of Pinot as opposed to twilight and a handful of Nurofen.

Now there is a new kid in town :The Japanese Diamond system available at Eleven Hair Salon which uses a new technique for our unruly tresses : ultrasound.

Apparently this only takes an hour while the ultrasound pushes healthy ingredients such as: argan, jojoba and rose oils into the hairs' cortex thereby smoothing the cuticles into a glass like shine. Then you are free to push healthy doses of Prosecco into your system followed by a delightful lunch.

It costs £85 and results last about 2 months....cheap as chips compared to the rest!

Get thee to Eleven Hair: 11 Blenheim Street, London W1 ( 020 7491 2390)...minutes away from Bond street station.


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