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Wednesday, 12 February 2014


....Or as I like to refer to her : Laura FANTA-STIC!

She is the Fashion and Shopping editor at RED MAGAZINE....and I simply love her style and eye for fashion.
She takes " every day" pieces and throws in a hint of pizazz and POW! .....


My favourite "ensemble" is on the bottom right hand corner: Love...Love...Love the little mink coat slung over khaki chinos with the rolled up cuffs , the beige Chanel quilted handbag clasped just so....revealing a man size watch and the stripes of her cotton top...then of course; the slingback pumps....PERFECT.
Now I have a lil'short white mink jacket;I have never dared wear....I have the chinos that are  my staple, stripey tops up the wazoo, the watch,the bag..(in black...) and sling  backs...
What am a waiting for?
A set of balls ....