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Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Diane Von Furstenberg created the mother of all dresses: the Wrap Dress and it is celebrating it's 40 years.

This dress is her signature design,wearing it makes women feel sexy from sun up to sun down and has been responsible for many a seduction.....
I should know, I enticed a man in one night,reduced him to putty in my hands...and all down to the power of DVF's dress....it takes over your body and sends signals more powerful than a lighthouse.

Needless to say,the dress lead to hot and steamy ...I bought 3 more.....
The red and black Vintage one was to try and keep Mr. Steamy interested when things started to wan....(he so wasn't for me...but the dress wouldn't quit!!)...and reluctant as he was...the dress took over reason and went straight to tomfoolery....my unwitting prey promised me a Caribbean getaway...the dress was a sorceress!
The next day I flew to NYC to join a friend and by then the magic was gone and it was "sayonara" on all fronts.

Any regrets? None...like I said;in the light of day and without the magic dress ...it well and truly was a ....wrap!